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This is my own personal understanding of a Dual Aspect Being based on my awareness of state of being over the last 20 years.

This is also one of the first and primary ‘soul memories’ I was given whilst I was in my teens which adds further confirmation.

This is a series of this articles that shows my evolution of understanding of various aspects of this as I progress through my own Path.

I have been aware of more to be uncovered for a few days now and with that a lot more about myself that I had yet to fully and deeply accept about myself. The fact that I fall under the concept of a ‘Rod and Staff’, ‘Oraphim’ and ‘Blue Ray’.

Whilst the concepts of these sit true with me and seem to reflect much what what I have already found out about myself, I knew that there was more. More to be understood and in a new way.

Whilst I still do not have clarity on all the aspects (as noted at the end) I feel I have enough understanding of BEING, to have a more in depth understanding of what ‘Twin Flames’ actually ARE. What it is to BE one. AS one. The awareness I have had shows that the concept of Twin Flames is just no longer enough and in order to grow, I need to go away from the concept and deeper into ME.

For me personally, this level and depth of understanding is key to moving deeper and further into myself on a mental and physical level. I have moved off using the Twin Flame label and concept for a long while now, in fact I have done little if at all any work/thought on it!

From closing my eyes and just being, observing I could feel my being around me, so I went from there.

In my experienced this is a Dual Aspect Being.

Before anyone jumps on the word ‘dual’…no, this has nothing to do with 3D duality concept nor falls within it. This is about the HIGHER State of Being. Of Unity.

Dual Aspect Being

‘Dual’ = Two aspects within the Being existing on a higher dimension. Also One Essence/being existing as two.

The Union in this is when the two aspects come back together in one/both ‘earthly bodies’. Therefore each now holds the dual aspect in essence each becoming the dual being once again.

How far have I come to date? (February 2019)

I have healed and balanced both Aspects, Masculine and Feminine. Are they my internal or the ‘Divine’ versions? They dont care, they just ARE and have no such classifications in their dimension.

The term Masculine and Feminine are simply their energy patterns that I can feel hence I use these terms, rather then numbering them or designating them by ‘that one’.

These are not to be confused with ‘acting’ or expressing in a certain manner. For example, ‘I was very straight forward with them, very direct masculine’. No. These are full on energy bodies with their own dual presences within a single energy field.

What else am I aware of? I know there is the Unity of the Heart to come along (see The Sacred Heart for more information on this). Then there is the rest of the Unity of Consciousness to complete.

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