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Ascension & Awakening .. Alternative Concepts?

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Is there such a thing? Of course there is!

‘Ascension’, ‘awakening’ are all concepts and ideas of what is happening and anyone who read this sites mission statement will understand where this post is coming from.

I am all about giving the best, most up to date and closest matching concepts and understandings based on my own time and experience. This is very much one of those posts.

Now as a forewarning. This is an ‘alternative concept’ of this whole process. As such it is neither right or wrong and neither does it contrast or call any other information across my website as now being false. It is an alternative perception and understanding.

It is, in my opinion, the closest in experience than ‘ascension’ or ‘awakening’ and is based on an actual experience itself of a process that is ultimately.. identical, if with slightly different context.

It is up to you which you choose and identify your experience with the most. As usual, all this information is to help you form your own picture in your mind.

Basis of this concept is that of dreaming and lucidity.

This is a perfect basis for this concept as it is something that many come across early on and can be seen as a pre-cursor and a type of ‘pre-school’ learning in our sleep.

The general concept is that this ‘here’.. is a dream reality (exactly like when we fall asleep and dream) and when we ‘awaken’ it is in fact the Dreamer that becomes lucid within us, thus the Dream Self disappears. The Dreamer than is having a lucid dream.

I originally came up with this concept over a decade ago and made a diagram way back in 2013. It is my mental image or map of this concept based on experience. Now some of this is experience and other is theory as I am not yet fully lucid, though it stems from this experience:

I was watching a film one evening, Skyfall it was and looked around the darkened room and thought.. I am dreaming, as I observed the room.

I heard ‘I am dreaming?’ coming from my chest and a face/presence arose in my chest, a consciousness that was like it was blinking sleepy. It began to rise up to my throat, but then fell back down, sleep. That was me, the Dreamer.

Sleeping Dream – When we dream

Waking Dream – Here/now

? – The Dreamer (I didn’t have a word for it back then!)

Looking through this concept now, as I type with the extra 6 years experience since…

This is not a complete concept by any means. It leaves out multi dimensions as they are all experienced by the same being really. Each Dream Self is part of the Dream Reality itself until the Dreamer is lucid.

The Dream Realities that the Dreamer is having would fit the ‘multi-dimension’ concept.

In which case there is One Dreamer having many layers of dreams. Dream of a dream, having a dream….

Update in 2023

Wow, has it really been 10 years since I came across this! Unbelievable! Well, I am coming across this again now, prompted by a new stage in this concept line.

I have been having more and more experiences of dreaming and being both the Dream Self AND the Waking Self inside whilst the dream is underway. I often wondered if there was an ‘awake self’ within this me here writing this and here I have become aware of him!It is very much a case of an inner observer just like ‘I’ am when I in within my Dream Self and watching her going around her life.

This brings another potential truth which I have not yet addressed that I came across around the same time.. and that is the potential that ‘spirituality’ is in fact just an aspect of this dream reality and doesn’t exist beyond it….

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