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Tag: Reality

ali nino seperated

What is ‘Twin Flame Union’?

‘Twin Flame Union’ is what is often seen as the ‘goal’ or destination for twin flames and all same-soul connections, including Monadic Flames and Group Souls. You can get many answers to what union is, all different perspectives of the same thing based on different levels of experience, their ‘union dimension’ and level of knowledge …

What is ‘Twin Flame Union’?Read More

Guest Post: ‘Tarot’ by Self-Transcendence Research

Tarot is a system of divination that uses a set of up to 78 cards, each with a symbolic meaning and a connection to the human psyche. It can be used for various purposes, such as fortune-telling, guidance, meditation, and self-transcendence. Self-transcendence is the process of going beyond one’s ego and personal limitations, and reaching a higher state of awareness and consciousness. Tarot can help …

Guest Post: ‘Tarot’ by Self-Transcendence ResearchRead More

photo of footprints on sand

The Folly of Planning

This is where our plan, no matter how well laid seems like building our house on sand. The folly of planning. Thinking ‘I have a plan!’. We realise how weak and breakable our ‘plans’ really are. Like trying to get the waves to stop by holding up our hand. They just come crashing..

The Twin Flame Concept CAN Damage your Experience.

There is many issues with the Twin Flame concept over the years and the problems have only been spreading and growing creating a ‘shadow’ around the general ‘experience’. This has lead to the rise of a toxic ‘understanding’ of what people think this experience is all about, all made even worse since it went ‘mainstream’, leading people to reside in this shadow rather then the true experience.

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