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The Twin Flame Concept CAN Damage your Experience.

There is many issues with the Twin Flame concept that can cause damage over the years and the problems have only been spreading and growing creating a ‘shadow’ around the general ‘experience’. This has lead to the rise of a toxic ‘understanding’ of what people think this experience is all about. All made even worse since it went ‘mainstream’, leading people to reside in this shadow rather then the true experience.

The two main factors that lead to this are:

  • Conflicting/Opposing beliefs and perspectives
  • The fact is only covers half of what it is all about to start with

So lets look at these in more detail.

As a forewarning, I tend to be very forward and direct and blunt (Hey I am an aries ;P). A main aim of mine to to call out the dross and misinformation created by the spiritually immature which actually can cause ‘harm’ to those going through genuine connections.

I have had nearly two decades spiritual & ascension growth/experience. Along with 10 years connection experience and have seen many stories, points of view and versions during that time. My viewpoints all coming from my own experience of ‘twin flames’ community and concepts over that time. have confidence in my many years of actual, genuine hard work and growth to be able to state my piece,. I know it comes from authentic growth and understanding.

It is Only Half the Map.. (if not a fraction)

Lack of truthful detail in the Twin Flame Concept

Unfortunately the concept information barely covers anything regarding this ‘parent experience’ of awakening or ascension, easing people to mistakenly believe they:

a) have/are a twin flame

b) thinking they have reached ‘union’

Infact they have had no awakening or ascension at all. Basically they are having a very 3D relationship where they had a toxic relationship, abuse or simply unrequited love. Then they have convinced themselves it is a soul related awakening experience. They have ‘completed’ in just a few years when they do get back together and get married. If they dont.. well obviously twin flames arn’t real as god forbid THEY got it wrong…

You know.. I feel sorry for those who grow beards and live up mountains their whole lives. These people manage self -awareness, self-realisation and self-recognition in a short span of a few years..

Yes twin flame is a short path.. but NOT that short! Try 10-20 years, often longer.

The lists and explanations given of such a connection are NOT the same of unrequited love and toxic behaviours. They sound or look the same in print, but I can assure you they are NOT the same. Anyone that is on such a journey will read them and understand there IS a difference. The experience itself thus they can understand and read the words in a new way.

So how do you know?

You can only know the difference when you are IN a connection.. if you cant tell the difference, you have only experienced one type – the toxic, unrequited love. Trying to make it anything else wont work. You cant MAKE a connection, its there from birth or not at all.

I also do not believe you can meet a twin with NO prior knowledge before running into them which starts your awakening… Having had knowledge of this over a decade before coming across my Twin, before coming across the ‘concept’, hell even before I came across ‘spirituality’. I had astral and dream experiences, knowledge of hoping to meet my man I love and havent met yet, my husband from before being born here, reoccurring dreams of trying to find that loved one… If you had no spiritual ANYTHING, no sign of there ‘being someone’.. that person is 3D relationship or a catalyst at best.

NO way something THAT profound hasnt showed itself before, it was always there, always live, it doesnt just ‘show up as a person’ like it didnt exist before.

For more on this you can check out my Series:

Two Faced Logic and Perspectives

This is the one that surprises me the most.

The amount of times I have seen people in the Twin Flame Community doing this, so called awakened and aware people in union, it makes me grimace at the obvious lack thereof.

Understandable many do not realise it at first, neither did I, it is a process of growth, learning and many new understandings and it takes time to get there.. IF you do the work and are actually ON such an experience.

Otherwise, this is where you will end up.. following a toxic concept with information based on a complete lack of awareness and understanding all from a 3D mindset ego that will willingly say two things given the moment to suit and justify itself and what it ‘thinks it knows’.

Harsh, yes but this all there to see and people are more than willing to show it off.

Examples of Twin Flame Concept Conflicts:

Conflict #1: ‘Your twin flame IS you!’ vs ‘Focusing on your twin takes your attention away from yourself’

Situation: OK, yes the twin flame is you, the same being and you do have to see to your own work.. However if Twin is you, then how can focusing on them take attention away from you..? This seems to be a case of bypassing and denial of the Twin’s existence connected to fear, thus ones own being is being at distance. Basically this is creating a massive block on various levels.

Consider: Both are part of each others SAME awakening and ascension, to ignore and deny the twin in any way will not get your anywhere. Its all about balance. Accepting, allowing, shifting focus from one to another, to the ‘we/us’ that both twins are. You still need to work with and on your twin to be able to fully level up how you perceive and understand your physical experience along with what you want to created together between you here.

Focus on your Twin, see them in your mind, feel them, look at their image then, shift to how you feel, what you think, ask your what what you want, what is triggered.. you cant do this if you are blocking them out!

Conflict #2: ‘Union’ VS ‘Independence not co-dependence’

Situation: Union is the result, merging of chakras, energies, energy bodies, consciousness, mental and emotional state and spaces. All shared, together.. Yet the call to be and remain ‘Independent’ goes in there as well. That isnt union. That is ‘separation’ and thus reaffirming and strengthen the blocks to union itself!

Consider: Union is the INTERDEPENDANCE of the individuals.

Interdependence – ‘a state in which two or more people, situations, variables, or other entities rely on or react with one another such that one cannot change without affecting the other.’

How? Here we have individual human bodies, yet after inner TF Union both energetic selves now reside across/in both bodies. The Other can be felt living your life with you from inside, always there. Thus their individual experiences come through into your individual experience also via this ‘Inner Twin’.

The union does occur in ‘3D’ between our individual selves, its called the ‘life’ that we ‘live’. Union manifest here is the creation of a harmonic and aligned shared space, a shared life or intersecting life, thus not to be ‘independent’ but to be inter-dependant. Even as these ‘human experiences’, we are no longer ‘independent’ 3D selves, but a dual inner self that is now having two individual points of experience at the same time.

Conflict #3: ‘It is a higher level soul connection’ VS ‘3D only awareness and factors of ‘proof’

Situation: People are quick to highlight it is a mystical soul connection, that they are twin flames, yet when you ask them about it, or when you look online at the concept.. it is a near enough a 3D list that can apply to regular 3d relationships, toxic situation or even catalyst and soul mates.

We both have anxiety, we both went through this at the same age, we had similar astrological planets, we moved house at the same time, we have similar hobbies, we physically look alike, I posted on social media and he looked at it in less then 3 secs , I felt intense attraction when I saw him (its called lust), I he looked familiar (is that all?), you want to grow (most do at some point without a TF to this, proves nothing), they caused you pain (so to toxic and abusive relationships), I really NEED to be with him (this is called obsession and/or unhealthy attachment), they dont feel it back and/or run (unrequited love or you are just a dangerous stalker that wont take ‘no’ for an answer) – we must be twin flames!

.. Sorry, I accidently hit the sarcasm rant button there, I do it often.. *taps it off*

Consider: How is any of this a ‘higher dimensional soul connection’ exactly? Where are the 5d+ spiritual, energetic, soul level experiences and mystical sensations? If you are on a website or someone is giving you ‘advice’ or you are looking for advice and that is filled with information that fits and speaks into any regular 3D anything, I advise you leave and continue looking elsewhere. Only those on the path with genuine experience and growth are best fit to help you.

Growth is the only way, not just healing

This is why a true soul connection can only be realised and understood through spiritual growth. That is why it is part of a greater spiritual awakening and ascension experience.. you need to ascend to those higher levels to be able to be aware, experience AND most importantly UNDERSTAND the actual connection that is on and starts on those higher levels.

It doesn’t start in the 3D physical reality, it ENDS there. The process is it ‘being brought down’, manifested and translated into its closest equivalent of its purest form on each level. That is why the constant questions of ‘How do I know he is my TF?’ comes from and why it can not be answered until you get into alignment enough to be able to access that. In this process, you end up ascending and levelling up your 3D reality/selves to the highest version, in alignment to that higher dimensional starting point (of which the twin flame concept is NOT).

Further Information on twin flame concept damages.

I will leave this here for now with the open potential for another article to carry on with more. Meanwhile if you are interested in other misconceptions and ‘Advice for Twin Flame sign online’ I did two videos a few years ago:

This video talks about: 1) So called ‘False twin flames’ 2) Divine Masculine & Feminine 3) Energy vs Person vs Process 4) Needing to KNOW who it is.
Speaks about how the online signs just cause confusion as they are simply inaccurate and can actually relate to catalysts and soulmates also.

For an special extra.. more about the Twin Flame generic community via my own experience:

Its not aimed at anyone.. its all aimed at how I feel and what I am learning in my experience as a content creator/teacher. Remember, this is me sharing WITH you and how I FEEL, not about YOU.

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