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Welcome to my ‘Happiness Plan’!

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Well, plan for happiness plans anyway, is that classed as procrastination? I am unsure.. anyway..

Preparing for a Jump to Lightspeed!

I have been at this for at least 6 years now and I have decided to get back to what was my initial plan. I started when I first made a blogging website incarnation. A large, collection of spiritual articles, videos and methods, with regular updates and loyal community (that is you!) . Not only using its resources but also taking part in it and potentially having guest writers.

This ‘page of posts’ is my own space to share my own personal updates, plans, dreams and ideas for this website. As I love a good ‘story’ of how these things came about and I hope people will decide to join me. (in some fashion.. how?.. well I dont know yet, any suggestions?!)

It was never what I wanted to focus on, tarot readings, and I didnt want to make yet another tarot channel. I admit it turned into one. It was getting to the point where I was putting off doing them (even though I enjoyed the reading and video making). I just gave up, accepting I wasnt meant to be doing them.

So youtube is going to be used as an ‘add-on’ to this website whilst I now grow it. Well, who am I kidding, YOU will be the one to grow it, I am only adding the seeds here.

I really want this to become part of my ‘Happiness House’, part of my Happiness Plan and I hope maybe in some small way, yours too.

What is a ‘Happiness House’? Why is this Important?

It is my newly reformed understanding of my own 10 cups. My own overall happy spiritual life, love, and home. It is my vision of how I want to feel. What I want to have in my life, my love and the harmonious state that all that is a part and manifestation of.

This website is a vital part of that, not only of my spiritual blueprint, but for my life and financial blueprint also.

You see I have had agoraphobia for the last 15 ish years, as such I barely leave the house. I havent worked or had any income for the last 8 years. I do not even have my own home or place to live. It is only in 5 years ago I managed to BEAT Generalised Anxiety Disorder which made my everyday life a living nightmare.

This isnt a sob story or a pity me party I swear, I am over that.

How is it different?

What this is, is me after having picked myself up over the last 5 years with my desire for my OWN life back in my grasp along with the passion and sheer WANT to finally go and GET IT!

Any chance at my own independance, my own LIFE, my own HOUSE. It is rooted in my ability to have my own income, which working from home is my only real option. As I have spent my last 20 years writing and it is the only thing, even in my darkest times that felt right. It makes only sense that I make this part of my Happiness House and happiness plan blueprint.

So that is my why this is so important to me. Not just that, but also community, to speak to and share with people who ‘get me’ (spiritually). Hence my long term desire to create a community also.

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