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Tag: Love

Guest Post: ‘Tarot’ by Self-Transcendence Research

Tarot is a system of divination that uses a set of up to 78 cards, each with a symbolic meaning and a connection to the human psyche. It can be used for various purposes, such as fortune-telling, guidance, meditation, and self-transcendence. Self-transcendence is the process of going beyond one’s ego and personal limitations, and reaching a higher state of awareness and consciousness. Tarot can help …

Guest Post: ‘Tarot’ by Self-Transcendence ResearchRead More

The Twin Flame Concept CAN Damage your Experience.

There is many issues with the Twin Flame concept over the years and the problems have only been spreading and growing creating a ‘shadow’ around the general ‘experience’. This has lead to the rise of a toxic ‘understanding’ of what people think this experience is all about, all made even worse since it went ‘mainstream’, leading people to reside in this shadow rather then the true experience.

What is a Twin Flame Spiritual Growth & Experience. Part 2

..’perfect love and relationship’ is flawed in its creation, it comes from the fantasy of a wounded mind and heart which, in its current state, is unable to exist in such a high, harmonious and stable state. Such states only exist within our healed and harmonious inner selves – which the spiritual awakening and ascension brings… and then some!

Twin Flame/Monadic Inevitability – A Perfect Paradox

I can feel me or him (Giggles I call him), or both ready, wanting, we can move forward. I want to do so also, I think it is regardless, which is good. Energy wants to flow! Let it!

(These journal posts are my own writing and processing as I do inner and shadow work. I use elements of NLP during, hence I may seem to loop and repeat things. I only post online the parts I think others might find useful.)

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