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Energy Work Services via Discord

Looking to Book Energy Work Services ?

Keeping up on maintaining the health of your energy body is just as important as the daily cleansing of the physical body.”

What Do I Work With?

Chakra Systems

Either separately or as whole systems. 

The chakra vessel itself, the energy flow, direct links to other chakras and the system.

Energy Bodies

Work on the imprints and patterns of the physical,

Work will be on the etheric, mental and emotional energy bodies in that order.

Joint Energetics

Joint Energetics are the joined and interconnected systems of two humans or more who share the same Energetic Being.

Twin Flames, Twin Soul/Monadic, Collectives.

How Can I Help?

Balance &

  • Restoring alignment to the chakra system.
  • Balancing Chakra Energies
  • Aligning Energy Bodies
  • Grounding & Stabilising

Removal & Healing

  • Removal of old, dense energies causing blockages and affecting energy flows
  • Removal of cords and low – level entities
  • Repairing and restoring energy flow and vessels

Upgrading & Integrating

  • Bringing in new Energy into rise frequency of efficiency
  • Helping with energy integration 
  • Upgrading energetic patterns in chakras

What Method Do I Use?

Clairvoyant Energy Weaving is my own natural and innate energy and spiritual healing modality. I have been using it for over a decade in my own healing and growth.

It is not just a healing system but also one that can be used to improve connections to aspects of your own Being and various Source Energies.

The system itself is made for and delivered in such a way that it can be used in person or at distance, all using the same method.​

Using Clairvoyance I travel to your energy being and using my own energy hands, change and alter you energy as necessary.

Energy Work Services Information – Please Read First

Be aware that any I work I do will depend on the current state of your System. If the system has had no use, is closed or inactive this will limit the work I can do as I will not work to force it open. I will however clear it and make sure nothing is influencing it for any work you go on to at a later date.

Chakra systems and packages will be done over a course of 6 hours including the next full day if received late.

It is recommended that a frequency of once a week for packages for those who have not had energy working performed before or regularly is best to allow for changes in the energy system to complete.

Energy Work Services orders made will be taken that you have read and agreed to this Terms of Service.

Services Available
One Time Appointments

Usui Reiki

Sending reiki for all over general healing and effect 15 mins.

Please also note any specific place or illness to focus on.


Secondary Chakras

Any healing, balancing, stabilising, removal, upgrading as needed for the main secondary chakras. Including of the hands, feet and earth.


Grounding & Rooting

Ensuring your are having a free flowing connection to/from the best chakra for you to the best ‘grounding energy’ for your own needs and requirements.


Joint Heart Bridge

Working on the cord that ensures you remain connected, whilst maintaining your self perspectives.

Removal of interference, healing and repairing as needed.


Joint Energy Field

Working on the joint energy field and flow of energy back and forth within that field.

Includes meridians and connections between chakras


Joint Package

Joint Heart Bridge and Joint Energy field in one package.

Buy both to save £5.


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