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Category: Twin Flames, Monadics, Group Soul.

Group Soul – Cloud Consciousness – Pt 9

This is all my personal experience, based on over two decades of my own growth and progression of my group soul and same soul connections and how it ties into a personal spiritual awakening and ascension Journey. As this is a series it may be easier to understand how I arrived here by reading the …

Group Soul – Cloud Consciousness – Pt 9Read More

ali nino seperated

What is ‘Twin Flame Union’?

‘Twin Flame Union’ is what is often seen as the ‘goal’ or destination for twin flames and all same-soul connections, including Monadic Flames and Group Souls. You can get many answers to what union is, all different perspectives of the same thing based on different levels of experience, their ‘union dimension’ and level of knowledge …

What is ‘Twin Flame Union’?Read More

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Group Soul Features – Infograph

What is a Group Soul? What are Group Soul Features? Not be be confused with a ‘Soul Group’ which is many individual and independent souls that group together. This is rather like work colleagues of the same business or pupils of a class. Check out these quick Group Soul Features that tell it apart! Further …

Group Soul Features – InfographRead More

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