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What is a ‘5D twin flame’ general awakening experience?

If you had no spiritual awakening, inkling of a connection, never come across any information or anything beyond the ‘mundane human life’ until you met someone, they are a catalyst sent to awaken you as you are not able to awaken yourself.

This is a well spoken about 5D twin flame trait and most often these are simply a catalyst sent to wake you up so you can start your individual spiritual awakening BEFORE you met your twin flame and some will end up finding out they are not even a twin flame to start with.

What if my Experience if different?

If you are having a different Experience than that of ‘a twin flame in 5D’ (not including simply being a deluded 3D being) this could be due to the fact that you are a Twin Flames of Another Dimension, a soul of a different ‘stage’ of its ascension when you entered this current Experience (earth) ie you had already ascended beyond 5D elsewhere.

You maybe an angel, higher angel or even an ascended master or celestial depending on the Origin of your soul is and the ascensions you have previously had before coming ‘here’.

So what are some of the signs:

Following are a few things that would be a give away. These would have already come from your own experience of your awakening and soul connection journey that you have had thus far (not including what happens after reading this).

(These are all based on my own experience. My own examples. So these would be the LEAST of what would of happened in the past.)

  1. You would awaken BY YOURSELF. You wouldn’t need to met your ‘TF’, catalyst or have any negative, life threatening event to force you into awakening. (For me it was an easy flow of interest and curiosity guided and triggered by some of the below points.)
  2. You most likely awoke when you were a young child already having various abilities and experiences before you even know what abilities and experiences where. (I recall being sat on my bed before I had reached 10 years wondering why I had wings on my back. I would have ‘nightmares of laying in bed’ where I had overwhelming tones and coloured patterns sent into me. I found much later on I was projecting to other dimensions. There I was being upgraded before I even know what they were)
  3. You already had knowledge of what path laid before you with an inbuilt ‘book’ of what you would be going through. (I had access to a ‘Story’ (as I called it at 15 yrs old) that was in fact the highlights of my souls previous ascension milestones. These I would be mimicking here. It told me about energy beings, ascension, dimensions, realities, higher selves, divine masculine & divine feminine, soul connections and union all many years before I came across spirituality)
  4. The whole spiritual and TF path seemed like a ‘run through or dress rehearsal you had already done before’. Like a recap. (As above I was doing a run through of what I had already previously ascended through to ‘catch up’ my current Experience Self to where my soul had already attained. as such it was all an easy flow with little need to progress. I already knew it all (the Story), so I just had to refresh myself on it.)
  5. The process would start (energetic upgrades etc) way before you even knew what spirituality and energy was. (As mentioned in #2. You have MUCH further to go than just 5D, to the process starts earlier and can go on much longer. You are already a highly advanced soul so these things will happen without you even knowing as you soul knows what to do )
  6. Already knew when young in ways you never doubt that you were here for something that you already knew what it was. ( I knew when I was 15yrs that I had a ‘husband’ from before this life that I had planned and arranged to meet here. That we hoped we would be able to meet here as we came here to temporarily work. Due to the ascension my soul had already gone through, my human self was already much more open and connected, thus the ‘knowing’ was easily understood and accepted and ‘just known’)

Why all these?

Because Twin Flames of Another Dimension are higher angels, ascended masters, celestials.. anywhere from (roughly) 7D+ beings are from a much higher dimensional consciousness and they dont lose any of that by coming here. The reality experience here maybe ‘3D’ but the consciousness of these beings are not. They have been through all this before and remember the ‘highlights’ of their whole journey and know what to do, the fact it has already been done, they just need to remember it has been.

Even as incarnated humans, Twin Flames of Another Dimension still have the consciousness of an ascend master or higher angel etc and that never changes and it has been influencing them and their Experience since before they are born.

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