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Tag: doubt

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The Truth of Raising Vibration & Frequency

A common thing you may read about is Raising Vibration & Frequency. Having such keeps you beyond the reach of lower energies, safe from entity manipulation and raises your consciousness and is part of ascending. The trouble is that usually this is followed by two major misunderstandings. So what is a ‘High Vibration’? First of …

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How To: Spiritual Energy Maintenance Process – Basic/Beginner

If you have not read the first part of this How To, please first read the Intro & Prep before continuing with Spiritual Energy Maintenance Process, especially if you are new to this. For best results a Spiritual Energy Maintenance Process is best repeated every day – for the rest of your life to keep your …

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8 March 2016

Question for myself now is ‘What to do about this empty world?’ What is my next step? What is it that perceives that emptiness? Lack of what? Lack in the world or myself? I do feel an overall sadness at something else I am ‘in’ falling down, low. A type of grieving? For what is? …

8 March 2016Read More

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