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Question for myself now is ‘What to do about this empty world?’

What is my next step?

What is it that perceives that emptiness? Lack of what? Lack in the world or myself?

I do feel an overall sadness at something else I am ‘in’ falling down, low. A type of grieving?

For what is? how things turned out?

Some part isnt happy how things are, slightly resentful at things actually.

Things haven’t turned out, or are how is preferred or even liked. So does this mean on some level I can change my reality? Not the ‘world’ but my self/reality? If so I need to step forward or allow change. Not sure which is the way, maybe that is what is happening with these dreams.

Though surely, if I am not happy, I should let it go and allow it to change. What am I not happy about? I dont know how to proceed. Maybe to my present state. ‘Locked in’!

Though that comes to this barrier. What is it as I believe it is. Why I feel so squeezed in. Also maybe why it feels to empty! Makes sense right?

So my core belief of the physical being empty, I release and open to doubt and to look/feel again with this belief.

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