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Conscious Libre Goals

Welcome to the Conscious Libre Goals, Ideas, plans and dreams page. All for this website and accompanying off-sites and Discord.

Conscious Libre Goals in progress

Future goal/Idea

Main Goal: Bi-Weekly New Posts!

Aim: Hoping this will start to build up SEO and improve readership visitors.

Edit: Changing this to bi-weekly, as I do not wanted to end up doing what others have and regurgitate the same information in another way just for quantity.

Status : Ongoing

Can You Help?: Please link and share my website and posts on social media and communities. Also let me know if you would like to see anything added HERE.

Idea: More Reviews

Aims: Add more review posts of thing spiritually inclined

Status: Pending..

Can you Help?: What would you like to see? let me know!

Idea: Community Space

I have always want to have an online community space for a long time. This would be a good a place as any.

Can you help?: Let me know your interest!

Status: Hold till established.

Goal: Youtube: Bring back more consistent releases.

It will not be every week (unless things are REALLY flowing), though I hope to bring out at least one a month!

Status: Ongoing

Completed Conscious Libre Goals

Open a Shop! – April 2024
Clear up remaining niggling website layout issues – Dec 2023
Youtube Recommended Playlist – Dec 2023
Fixed ongoing website image issues – 27 November 2023
Forums on Discord – 1 June 2023
Community Page & Guest Posts – 23rd April 2023
Redesign & Updates – 11th April 2023
New Hosting Move – 8th April 2023 New Website Logo – 6 April 2023
New Website Name Change – 4 April 2023
Freelance Writers Business Diploma – 2 April 2023
Initial Website Redesign – (Ongoing)
Spiritual Life Coach Diploma! – 25 March 2023

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