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The Truth of Raising Vibration & Frequency

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The trouble is that usually this is followed by two major misunderstandings.

  1. What a ‘High Vibration’ is
  2. How to raise vibration

So what is a ‘High Vibration’?

First of all its helpful to know some basics.  Do you know what it is, that this is the vibration/frequency of?

The common misunderstanding is when this is mistaken for emotional and mental state. These are NOT the same thing. Being in a positive, happy mood is NOT a high vibration state. Emotional and mental state are by nature temporary and always in flux. They come and go WITHIN the experience we are having and therefore they are part of the experience itself, not the consciousness that is setting the undertone of your awareness. Due to this you can still be of a ‘high vibration’ yet still experience mental and emotional flux, they do not affect the frequency of your consciousness at all. What these states actually do is ‘hide’ your consciousness/awareness, leaving us in states of unawareness, they cloud our perspective.

A personal example of a rise in vibration, to help explain the difference would be during an energy working. I was in a relaxed state and was holding my awareness to various chakras and bodies to allow for healing. During this I became aware of my consciousness that ran through me like the canvas of a painting that I and my reality was on. I could feel it was humming around me just like I was sat in a car engine. Suddenly the humming change, became faster and I felt the shifting of energy into that higher vibration as my ‘engine’ shifted up. It felt exactly like a car shifting up in gears, allowing the engine to run faster.  This changes the awareness of the Experience itself.

Personally, the mental and emotional state mislabelled as ‘high vibration’ to me is actually experienced as and better labelled as being mental and emotional ‘clear’. A ‘clear’ state where the mental and emotional state is one of a clear sky, unclouded by programs, thoughts, beliefs and rampant out of control emotions. A clear sky for the light to shine through and light up, creating a clarity and space. Peace. Thus the ability to perceive ‘more’. Thus allowing vibration to rise.

So How I do Raise my Vibration?

Well, technically you don’t… not directly anyway. You can not just ‘will’ your car engine so go straight from 1st gear to 5th gear. You have to incrementally speed the engine up with the accelerator and when fast enough, you will shift gear to allow for further speed increments.

So rather than focusing on how to switch gear, look to how you can speed up your engine. Where and what.. is the accelerator?

Rather then relaying on a single ‘pedal’ I recommend working on several pedals for a cumulative effect. That way there is no ‘weak link in the chain’ holding you down.

I will not go into detail of ‘how’ to do these in this article, I will simply list the various methods that all work together to bring this about. Links will be added to take you to those how-tos when they become available, so keep checking back!

  • Energy Healing – It is not just your physical body that needs regular cleansing and attention, so does your various energies.
    • New to Energy Healing? Read this first.. –  you should be made aware of what the effects may entail – be prepared, they can be intense.
    • Beginner Energy Healing Method   – An easy method for those new to energy healing, can be done along side the general maintenance for extra oomph.
    • Advanced Energy Healing Method – For those with experience in energy work and who have already began opening their systems.
    • Of course you can always visit a local energy healer, though I FULLY advise learning this yourself. In doing so you will LEARN more about yourself, your energy, your awareness, your ‘greater’ being and greater reality. Alternatively, I do offer a donation level cost energy work and healing from this sites main menu.
    • Dont forget your Surroundings – your room, your bed, your house, it all carries the energies, of the past occupants as well as the now. Give it all a monthly/bi-monthly cleanse using your choice of energy healing, sage, or chants etc.
    • You can also listen to music designed to ‘aid’ with energetic healing. View my playlist of my favourites here.
    • Work on your self Awareness

  • Life Assessment – Take a look at your life. Home, work, relationships. What is no longer serving you? What do you hold onto that you no longer need? What changes can be made? De-clutter.
    • Clean out your wardrobe! Anything you haven’t worn for over a year, old shoes you keep just in case… Clothing can hold our energies, the low and the high. Clothes we have had for many years, including through real testing times can hold onto that energy. Its like going back in time every time you put them on. You could of course perform some energy cleansing on said artefact if you wished.
    • Clean out the whole house. Same thing! Objects can hold those energies and you can effectively carry energies (and sometimes more) from one house to another. De-clutter or effectively, thoroughly cleanse everything. Anything left over from the past occupants, to you REALLY need it? Get rid of them, its your house now, not theirs!
    • Clean out your life. What are you fitting into your life that is actually no longer serving a purpose but simply prolonging a habit? Anything that brings a sense of pointless, ‘here we go again..’ or that you pause before starting or even consider ‘putting it off’.. stop and observe it. What is this doing to you? What does it give you? Why are you doing this? Does it hold any value anymore?

  • Heal your past. We often carry around wounds and pains from our past, even long after it is over. Mental and emotion wounds that continue to affect us even decades later with doubt, fear and uncertainty. These are more commonly known as ‘mental illness’ though a ‘wound’ is much more accurate. Self – forgiveness, learning the lesson and new perspectives are key here.
    • Sub-Conscious Beliefs – Such events can lead to restrictive and wounding Core Beliefs about ourselves and our lives. That we are unworthy, unsafe, unwanted.. This can help you to uncover and heal these wounds.
    • Energy Healing – (see above). our various energy bodies are interconnected to our physical, mental and emotional states. They all effect each other.
    • Visit a Therapist, yes a Therapist! Without going into the medical field to far, therapies can be vastly helpful when it come to such things. Along with your energy healing, this is somewhat like a two pronged healing, your healing yourself on multiple levels and layers of your being, mental, emotional and energy. Considered more ‘complimentary’, I recommend Hypnotherapy and various therapies like Neuro Linguistic Programming.
    • Start Writing – Writing is considered to be a type of meditation. Almost like a journal, you write your thoughts and feelings out, help you to get them ‘out’ of you head and onto paper were you can clearly see them from a detached perspective. From that detached perspective, write about them.. what can be learnt, realised, what new way can they be seen?

  • Open the Mind  – Time to start some exploration… though this isn’t about learning or gaining knowledge of what else to believe. This is about opening the mind to considering other perspectives and to entertain thoughts about what else ‘might’ be out there than originally believed. Open the mind and leave it at that. ‘What if’.. if you can entertain that thought without resistance or denial, your getting there! Dont open it to just cram it with more things that you dont know the validity of.
    • Inspiration –  I have added my own writings onto this website for others to read and explore.
    • Branch Out – Lucid Dreaming
    • Go Within-  Starting Meditation
    • Divination – Intro to Divination learning to tap into your own intuition with one of many methods and tools.

  • Self acceptance – this will most likely not come until much later, though keep it in mind. Self acceptance of your being as you are in and having this Experience. The ups and the downs, remember, are simply your experience. Not YOU. In time as you heal and realise this, self acceptance and love will begin to be felt, this is not something you can make yourself feel. It is not a mental exercise, belief or something you can DO, only allow.
    • Who are you? – Self acceptance cannot come until you actually KNOW yourself inside and out. Until you know your True Self – Who, What am I?

I will add more links and points as they are created.

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