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An Introduction to ‘You’. What is Ego?

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This is one of the common initial questions you ask yourself or your are asked to ask yourself ‘What is Ego’.. However, they do not say that the importance here is in asking the question and opening to it, not answering it.  The answer will never be anything you think, know or believe.

Why is it important to ask?

The act of asking this question is meant to make you look within at your belief in what and who you THINK you are. To make you see how you really are on a deep level, not just your actions but your reasons for those actions. To look at yourself and see what you actually think and feel about yourself and to see how your life has shaped you this way.

What are you actually asking about?

Now, simply reading this and ‘knowing’ this is not enough.  This is an in depth and often LONG process of self reflection and self awareness.

To actually face your self is hard and often frightening as it means you will be facing things you have disliked about yourself, things you have done, thought, felt and the reason you did them that your were not proud of.

I know many here might say ‘well if there is no self then there is no reason to have to go through this as the self isn’t real’. It doesn’t work like this I am afraid and this is just an act of bypassing and lack of self awareness. This program is still REAL, ACTIVE and RUNNING.  Another name for this false self is also be known as the ‘ego’.

So how does the Ego fit in?

I havent mentioned ego until now as it is simply part of the false self, part of the programming. It is the program to ensure this false self survives and remains in control through any means necessary.

The ego has received much hype and is often villianised as the enemy, though this is simply giving it more energy and making it what you ‘think and belief’ it to be. Basically your just feeding it, ensuring its survival.

There is STILL a True Self that you are, which is mistaking itself as this mental set of belief and programming.

Think of it like this.. You are sat at your desk at your computer. You click an icon and the pc knows that means you want to open up that program so it runs through the process of making it open and it pop up on your screen.

Now,  that act of moving the cursor, pressing the icon and having the program open which you then use.. we have mistaken our ‘self’ as being the program. We forget that we are USING the program and see ourselves AS the program itself.

What is the True Self?

The ‘True Self’ or ‘Higher Self’ is the one USING the program. The True Self is not held or stored mentally like the False Self, hence it is not a belief or a who or even a what. They are simply a mental understanding of the True Self which can only BE and experienced as is.

When you have successfully dropped the False Self and begin to realise your True Self, this part will make sense and I dont mean mentally!

Do not hold onto a ‘when’ this will happen, this process can take years and is woven often into your path.

Your whole experience will often trigger you, allowing you the chance to be be aware of yourself on a deeper level and make any changes you wish. Programming can be re-programmed, it is not permanent!

Be sure to read How To: Releasing Sub Conscious Beliefs (Non-Energy Healing) for more info here.

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