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Divination can be a bit of a murky puddle at first, mainly due to the general acceptance of what it is believed to be. The images of the fortune teller tents are a ready example, yet they only show a very stereotypical face of divination. This type of Divination is highly commercialised around the future and is often used to bump up the ego with what it has coming its way that it can possess at a later date.

What and Why?

Divination has many more uses then just fortune telling and they are generally more helpful!

For uses as per this websites theme..

  1. It is a remarkable way of acting like a ‘guide’ to you own sub conscious and consciousness.
  2. It can act as a trigger to help highlight areas that you are currently not aware of (depending on what you ask for).
  3. It can also help with interpretations of visions and dreams.
  4. Helps to develop intuition.

There is general ‘idea’ of the ‘dark side’ to using such tools, that you dont know which spirits are ‘coming through’.

Well there is a simple answer to that.. why would you be asking random spirits in your  general vicinity?! Lets use some common sense here people.

Ask yourself, ask within, ask your Higher Self, ask your Guides. Always aim your questions inwards. I tend to aim my questions at my own heart.

Most Popular Divination Types

There are many types of divination that use an external/material tool, the most common and easiest to use being tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, and runes.


Tarot Decks

Tarot Original 1909 Tarot Cards


Great for beginners and experts alike, this Tarot Original 1909 is a detailed reproduction of the timeless deck created by Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Edward Waite. Lovers of the Rider-Waite tarot will also love this version of the famous deck. Includes 78 cards and guidebook.

Oracle Decks


Oracle cards tend to have slightly less cards then a tarot deck. They can be used for guidance and inspiration also. The cards tend be be larger than tarot and each card has a set, single word meaning. Sometimes with a short line or phrase to further clarify.

I have used and own several Oracle deck, you can read about them here.

Energy Oracle Cards


Created by Sandra Anne Taylor this deck of 53 Oracle Cards features beautiful representations. The cards are designed to reveal both the present energy projected and the results that are likely to be attracted in future. The cards are easy to use and help to bring understanding of what is manifesting in the conciousness.



Pendulums are best for yes/no or counting answers. You can use them to also point out places on a map or point to letters. They can also be use to pick up on certain energies present.

I have tried this in the past, though personally I found there were better methods.



Runes have a set general meaning each and a set has about 24 stones. They are usually used in a layout, each position having corresponding to a certain aspect or situation. For beginners you can simply use the meanings from the books and can then be used to exercise your own intuition. The simple symbols are not so good for visual readers.

Set of 16 Four Elements Rune Stones in Display


This set of 16 rune stones is presented in a wooden display box with designs depicting the 4 elements of the zodiac; Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Each stone is printed with one of 4 elemental symbols for focusing energies and providing guidance. These astrological elements are made up of the following zodiac signs; Fire:…

Any advice?

If your new, best to choose one method and stick with it for a time and see how it works for you. Later you can branch out to try other methods.

So is there any advice for you before you get/give your first readings?

Yes. This is an important yet often unknown fact that responsibility not only lies with that reader but the receiver also. Readings are a two way street.  Responsibility in readings goes both ways. Awareness on the readers to interpret clearly and without injecting their own personal situations into the reading. The receivers to have enough open self-awareness about themselves that getting a reading can actual benefit them.

Many dont seem to realise this is but when ever a reader says something that seems wrong or false, or a lie… Is the reader truly wrong, or does the one being read still exist in a state of unawareness of self to the point where they actually have NO idea of whats going on inside or around them?

Do they still have blinkers on and refuse to look within so call a reader a lie or false just due to the fact the reader pointed out something they refuse to see and deny….

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