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Think of this as a flyer one of those Fairground workers mentioned within has just handed to you. If you are lucky, one of them has gotten to you before you lost yourself once more.

If you HAVE read it, then you will understand why I am writing this article. Yes, I admit I do find these almost story telling yet whimsical writing a rather nice change to the straight up ‘how-to’, however there is always a message and a purpose!

So you have been seen looking around at all the noise and flashing lights. They no longer hypnotise you and you seek clarity or you have only just decided you want to go to the fairground and this has been thrust into your hand to try save you early on (as I said, reading previously mentioned article might help!)

To put the previous article in a nutshell… contrary to popular belief, the ‘so-called freedom’ of many of the common spiritual ways of life, beliefs and systems can be just as trance luring as the ‘material’ or ‘societal’ ways they pertain to free you from. They just use bigger flashing lights and offer a different type of reward, yet its all the same underneath.  Basically its an illusion.

Yet more rules and systems to contain you within that system. Yes, you could say I am being a hypocrite here for the very fact I have this website, however this website aims to to help you find your OWN way, not to tell you to believe simply because a system or generally accepted spiritual belief tells you to.

This here is the key reason for me writing this. I will quote it as I can not highlight this enough.

Most commonly held spiritual general beliefs, systems and ‘lifestyles’ are no different from the systems they advertise as to free you from.

This is the brighter flashing lights and illusion of the reward. These are STILL based in the same frame of mind and understanding, therefore, nothing can actually change.

A ‘way of life’ is just that. A system is just that. How can a system = freedom? How can a belief in a limited, finite answer = freedom? How can a ‘knowing’ of something being a single state = freedom?

Its a contradiction.

You can go to a variety of stalls (belief systems) at the fairground or ask other fairground goers (general spiritual community), the answer you get depends on which game they favour or you might be lucky and they tell you how to find out for yourself! However, its all the same underneath. You give over your money/ticket, play their little game and get back something that is ultimately useless to your own freedom… you get an ANSWER! Reliant on this system to give your answers, your caught. Where is the freedom?

It doesnt matter what that answer is, they even be different answers, but the fact you are handed an answer shows that the true freedom is not understood.

Real conscious freedom does NOT come from knowing an answer. It comes from such a deep understanding that it is beyond simple ‘knowing’. In that understanding, the consciousness is freed of what it ‘knows’.

There is a HUGE difference between ‘knowing’ and ‘understanding’ and the only way to truly understand this freedom is to stop following the spiritual crowd on the generally accepted beliefs and systems.

To stop limiting ourselves to ‘knowing’ and ‘answers’.

To stop playing the games these systems give us to play within their rules. Both are illusions.

I speak from years of experience, after which I began to see the ‘contradictions’ in some of the most commonly held ‘understanding’ or ‘beliefs’. When my own experiences showed me that these rules are limiting and the actual existence lies beyond and it not limited to being within them. Often these contradictions come from the same person, who uses them unaware. This is what lead me to realise.

A few of these contradictions are scattered over various articles on this site.

Yes I may sound harsh, however sometimes a right hook of what I call ‘blunt-force-truth-trauma’ is needed.  Tip toeing around these issues only maintains that illusion.


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