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Category: Smudge Sticks

Whether you want to set a mood for meditation, journaling or energy work, smudge sticks can help serve as a focus and energy cleansing tool for you and your home.

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  • 10cm Desert Sage Smudge Stick


    This 10cm desert sage smudge stick is commonly used in smudging ceremonies to drive away evil spirits and desructive thoughts and feelings to restore a sense of purity. Desert sage comes from the salvia eremostachya plant (also known as rose sage, sand sage or desert sage) which is a perennial shrub native to the western edge of the Colorado desert.

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  • 22.5cm Black Sage Smudge Stick


    This large black sage smudge stick has a beautiful woody fragrant scent. Black sage is commonly associated with helping to clear the mind and spirit and is often burned before practices of divination or hung in doorways to provide protection. Black Sage comes from the Salvia Merllifera plant which is an evergreen shrub native to California and Mexico. Product Dimensions: H22.5cm x W4cm x D4cm Packaged Dimensions: H27cm x W16cm x D4cm

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  • 22cm White Sage Smudge Stick


    Sage has been traditionally used in native nations in North America for generations. It can be used as incense or for smudging which is a practice of clearing negative spiritual energy and restoring or maintaining energy purity. This sage is salvia apiana and is sourced in California from a sustainable supplier.

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  • Set of 12 Palo Santo & White Sage Smudge Incense Sticks


    These Palo Santo & White Sage Native Soul smudge incense sticks from Green Tree have been handcrafted to cleanse and purify surroundings and balance the mind and soul. Each inner box includes 8 sticks to use during yoga, meditation and spiritual rituals. Each set contains 12 individual boxes of incense sticks that are great for gifting. Cruelty-free.

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