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An Introduction to Your Consciousness

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This will be a basic look into your Consciousness as your Being. There is no real ‘standard’ here and there are variations depending on your overall evolutionary and consciousness state. So take this as a rough idea.

The Rainbow Metaphor

Think of your Consciousness as a rainbow. A rainbow is made of light, coloured layers denoting the different frequencies of the light spectrum which is were the idea of a ‘high frequency’ also comes from (end of article for a link on this).

Your entire Consciousness is this one solid arc of light, reflected in such a ways as to cause the illusion of having layers. Each of these layers is often referred to as a  Dimensional Frequency and each Dimension can have several sub levels.

Another ‘Dimension’ is often thought as ‘another space’ which comes from the illusion created by our singular layered awareness.  This is a basic form of over simplifying things into a ‘here’ and ‘there’, which when you open up, you realise there is only ‘here’ (one rainbow) and this concept of  ‘there’ was nothing more then a perspective illusion.

It is in fact a dimension of your own consciousness which, as you expand beyond the current frequency/layer you are restricted to and ‘ascend’, you gain access to the next ‘layer’ of your consciousness.

So what Happens when you Shift Your Consciousness?


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