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‘Negative Energy’ – The Simple Truth

When it comes to the general spiritual community I would say to use EXTREME CAUTION! Especially when it comes to the idea of negative energy.

There is a  ‘common/generic spiritual belief system’ which one can hear starting out which are just as toxic as some ‘social norm’ beliefs. For some reason in being ‘spiritual concept’ are considered somehow ‘better than’, even though they follow the same patterns and lead them to the same places. They just switch a few words out and replace them with alternatives.

*shrug*.. I am forever confused by these – ‘awake people’..

This concept of ‘negative energy’ in a black vs white sense, is even more destructive and deceiving then the so called ‘negative energy’ itself.

Negative Entities!?

Now, I said energy, not entity, I just want to make that clear first. They are two different things.

This dramatisation of energy, an enemy to fight, a justification, being victimised. All of which are the very things ‘spirituality’ is meant to be ‘freeing’ us of.. Somehow, not noticed, that they are in fact keeping it going, giving it a ‘spiritual’ justification.

So what is it?

Energy is like putty or clay, it is benign until moulded it into whatever we want to create or experience. It is JUST ENERGY. A container or medium with which to create.

So called ‘negative energy’ is simply energy that we, or others, have moulded to create an experience that put a ‘negative’ tone to our Experience. The ‘negative’ is the suffering experience which comes in many variety of ways and means.

Whether we give that energy a positive spin or negative spin, if we mould it with awareness of what we are doing, or through unawareness, it is still just energy. Through unawareness, it can ‘seem’ like something is doing this to us when in fact, we are unaware we are actually doing it to ourselves. Also through unawareness, we can not tell is this energy was moulded by ourselves or by another, equally we are unaware that we mistake this energy as our own creation thus accept it into our Experience.

Its JUST energy. We can let it go or transform it into something else. It is putty in your hands that becomes what you decide to make it into.

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