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What is Self-Awareness & Why is it Necessary?

reflection of woman s eye on broken mirror

Before delving into ‘self-awareness’ it is good to have an idea of what ‘self’ actually is and is not. This will help you to gain a rough idea of what you will be aware of. This as well as also how to understand between the ‘Self’ and the ‘false self’ that you will come across.

What is Unawareness and Self-Awareness?

electrical wires connected on conductors

Now you have an idea the dual aspect of the ‘true self’ and ‘false self’ that current reside in your being. Self-Awareness allows us to eventually unravel this mixed wiring and pick out the authentic from the inauthentic. The truth from the lies, the healthy from the unhealthy and the reality from the illusions that exist within.

Years of being unaware can create quite a mess..

Self-awareness is to be in an observational and consciously aware state. In the moment of what is going on in our human experience of self. This does not have to be ‘always on’ and will be impossible at first so dont worry about that yet.

When a thought, an action, a feeling suddenly triggers we do not question it, we just flow with it and accept them as truth and act on them according. As far as we know, in our unawareness, these are truthful, unstoppable and not be to queried expressions of ourselves. We are unaware of this process going on inside that we are not in control of, it is controlling us and we live to its dictation.

Practicing Self-Awareness

To practice self-awareness is stop to wonder if it was appropriate, if it ‘made sense in the situation’ or why we did, thought and felt the way we did. Maybe we stop afterwards and in that reflection we are surprised by how we reacted and felt.

By being self-aware we are able to help ourselves by being aware of our actions, thoughts feelings in more real time. We understand and know what we believe, what we think, feel and more importantly why. All the while having a nice clutter free, wired mind, all working in alignment as a whole to aid (not control) us in our human experience.

Self awareness is what helps you to find out what is going on below your surface. Your current awareness though only if you are willing to:

a) overcome your fear of what you might find
b) overcome the fear of dealing with what you find.

The fear is what stops many people actually dealing with what they find, let alone the fear people have to actually look and become aware of these things, to see what is really going on. This is most commonly referred to as ‘shadow work’ as we are having to find and deal with the parts of ourselves buried as they are deemed, shameful, unfit, unwanted etc by ourselves and others .

Spirituality & Self-Awareness

Spiritually, self-awareness is a requirement and an early one. It is needed for doing any inner work and energy work. Without it, you have no inward pointing sense to actual be able to recognise what is going on inside yourself. You will not be able to expand your consciousness and senses beyond the ‘3D physical world’ and start to raise your vibration for ascension.

woman in black shirt facing mirror

As you work on your self awareness (which is an ongoing process) you will find yourself coming across things which, at first, you wont be able to tell the difference between or why they suddenly appear or why you suddenly act that way. They seem to just appear, yet there is always a cause/effect chain. We are just not aware of that chain.

Meditation can aid self-awareness by allowing you to tune your awareness and focus onto yourself. Body, mind, emotion, energy.

It will also help you to quiet down all the internal ‘noise’ you are not even aware you are both making and hearing.

a woman doing a meditation on a beach during morning

With spirituality, self-awareness is often take a step further.

We move from being self-aware of our human experience and expression to our more ‘spiritual-layers of Self‘.

We become aware of our awareness.

Aware of our consciousness.

We become self-realised and self-actualised.

Human Life & Self-Awareness

Self-awareness should be what everyone is taught in school. Awareness of what we are, how and why we are. What we believe, think, feel and why we do. How they came about and how they are part of a chain that go on cause effects not only in our lives but in those around us.

Lack of self-awareness means we are also unaware of the self in others, thus we can easily brush aside any feeling of guilt or shame of how we influence or take advantage of others when we have no awareness of their own, feelings, beliefs, or choice.

My self awareness is what helped me cure my chronic pain and generalised anxiety and lift much of my deep depression and apathy.

Not having self awareness is what leads to many of problems we have in the world as we are so unaware of ourselves that we don’t really know what we are doing. We have no cause/effect awareness over ourselves and we cant see how what we do/think affects us and our lives let alone anyone else.

This is how we suddenly end up with developing mental health issues, social issues and issues in life in general that seem to ‘creep up on us’ not limited to:

  • Anxiety/stress
  • Unable to accept, friendships, love and support from others
  • Lack of Trust in friendships and relationships, including from ourself
  • Apathy, depression, loss of interest
  • Beliefs that are too limiting and restrictive on ourselves and life
  • Negative perspective on life and other people and self

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