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How can I Start my own Inner Work?

This will be a ‘hub article’ pointing and linking to the ones already on this site that are all part of inner work.

If you are REALLY new, you might want to start with the first item on the main menu then work your way through through the sub menu. Starting here:

Brief Summary

It is best to start practicing self-awareness, including thoughts, feelings, body awareness, energy awareness. Learn how to observe and allow without judgement. It will foster a more positive state to aid your inner work:

How you start is the most important foundation to the actual meditation practice itself.
This will teach you body awareness, observation and basic energy awareness with light energy healing.

You can also start a form of mental/emotional healing, by any such method like journaling, recording your voice as you speak, or even therapies. Go through your past events that really affected you and which affects last through to this day, also things in your present life that are in disharmony to you.

This is a simple Neuro Linguistic Programming method – non-spiritual based.
This also includes various methods and ways you can include and cover in your inner work.

Interested in an Energy & Meditation Planner?

Incorporate your Spiritual Life – Calendar


This is to help those new to inner work with learning the basics of meditation and energy healing whilst make them into a habit. The Energy Realising methods also help you to grow your self and energy awareness. This Calendar includes the Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced versions to work through.

It can be handy to make a list of these things when doing inner work and when ideas come to you, add them to the appropriate category on the list for work on later (its easy to forget them).

Work your way through it.. start with the easier things first, the lighter things until you get good with your methods and comfortable with self-inquiry. It can be scary at first and it will also give you confidence and a stronger foundation to tackle the ‘heavier’ things

If twin flames are on your path, you can start to gain some basic information, though dont take it as gospel, this is to support you whilst you start your practice until you get far enough to form you own foundation from a clear state. In all, the TF elements of the work come along later when you have done most of your own Inner Work. This includes, Inner Union and Higher Self Union before any TF work will really begin.

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