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How to: Start Meditation – Preparation

a woman doing a meditation on a beach during morning

This would be my recommendation for anyone who wishes to start meditation as all because a system has a large following does not mean it will work for everyone. There is a lot to be said for creating your own systems tailored to your own strengths and tailored to focus on your own weaknesses. This is not about finding and sticking loyally to a system. It’s about finding something that WORKS for you, not something you can just ‘DO’ without it actually serving and benefiting you.

Are there any requirements?

Any ‘requirements’ for meditation is low, if any.

Many to say to find a completely quiet space, however I would advice against this.

This is setting yourself up to only being able to meditate in such silence and today this is hard to come across (unless you happen to live alone). It may take a bit longer at first, but it is very worthwhile learning to start meditation in an environment with other people talking around you. Just as long as it’s not TO you.  When you get the ‘hang’ of meditation you will happily be able to sit on your chair or sofa and anyone walking by and chatting will not make a difference to you.

The following method is how I learnt myself and I basically made it up to suit my environment. I live with 2 others so learning to meditate with others around the house was essential. Now, if I am finding whats on the tv boring in an evening, I just pull my legs up and meditate whilst the TV is on. It’s a really handy skill!

This will teach you how to take your attention away from noise and movement around you. Whether it be TV or people and help you to focus on yourself, within. What you are thinking, feeling, and to learn to observe and detach from them.

Preparing to start meditation

Before you can start meditation (which is a state, not something you DO), you need to learn how to prepare and get into a suitable pre-state for meditation.

  • Choosing your preferred space for meditation.
    • Personally I hate sitting by myself in a cold room, especially in winter when the wood stove is lit elsewhere. So I choose my usual seat on the sofa in the living room. This is a seat I am so used to sitting in on an evening that the very space puts me at ease just sitting there. Do you have such a place? Choose a place with easy access, no need to lock yourself away in a cold room! If it’s the room with the TV like mine is, even better for learning and practice, especially in the beginning


  • Finding your posture and practice it.
    • Can you practice a posture? Sure can! You should! I started out using the recliner on the sofa or you can go crossed legged. I find cross-legged this more comfortable with a cushion in my back holding me upright. Either way this first step is where you can find out whats best. Before you will be able to sit and actually meditate you need to learn to sit and RELAX! You will not be able to mediate effectively if your constantly distracted wanting to move.
    • So, sit in your seat, take up your preferred posture and… watch tv! I know sounds strange, but you are learning to relax and remain in posture without having to move for at least 10 -15 mins. This isn’t as easy as you might think. Things will twitch, places will itch and your body might cry out to move! Just try to remain with your body relaxed, without moving. You can practice this whilst watching TV, listening to music etc.  If after a few weeks it’s not working for you try another posture until you can sit for at least 15 mins with a relaxed body that no longer twitches or itches or in any other way would distract you. If you are having a lot of difficulty with this, try using the observation method below.

Getting Started

  • Now to detach and observe
    • You can close your eyes if you wish, especially to close off from visual movement distraction. Also to aid any clairvoyant images that you might see ‘on the back of the eyelids’ (for lack of a better way to describe it).
    • Do a single deep breath then breathe normally. Then just observe. Be sure to let anyone know what you’re doing and ask them to not speak directly to you. Let them know not to expect a response. Detaching from background noise is one thing though when someone speaks TO you and you KNOW they are hovering waiting for a reply is teeth grinding irritating.
    • You have already learnt to detach from bodily distraction above so now its time for what you can hear, both inside and out. To observe is to stop any reactions leading on from the initial sensing. Observing your body, feeling your body, will give you something to pull yourself back to.
    • So if you hear a voice, let it go. Try to catch any attention that might drift from your feeling of your own body to the voice and pull it back to observing. ‘Whos voice is that? What are they saying? What is that tingling?’ These thoughts and pondering are the reactions along with the good ol’ ‘I must not think!’  Try not to fall into belittling yourself or getting angry at yourself when you do.  To be aware of outside sounds is ok, the trick is to leave them ‘outside of yourself’. They are there but do not need your attention. When you can have people walking around you, talking around you and your attention remains on observing you body feeling, your set to begin meditation!
    • Once you learn the knack and get used to it, you will only need to take a few minutes to do get back into this state.

So are thoughts bad when you start meditation?

I would like to say one thing at this point ‘thoughts are not a bad thing!’. 

They seem to have become somewhat demonised and used as a type of ‘attack’ by others. They point out how non-spiritual another person is being and this is making others believe they are a wrong to think.

Its quality, not quantity.

Where they come from and how they are used is what is important. They are a tool, energy manifested in the mental realm. It is ok to think, it is when they are uncontrollable and/or a reaction of a negative mindset and/or used for a negative intent that they should be addressed.

You are now prepped and ready! Where do you wish to go from here?

Turn your observation to which ever is your focus amongst them:

  • Emotions – to feel, heal, release
  • Thoughts – clear mind of controlled cycling thoughts, listen to discover your sub conscious thoughts and beliefs that create them
  • Energy – observe and learn to feel your own energy, to feel and heal/release energy
  • Over all relaxation and peace


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