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  • What is Energy Healing?

  • What Could I Possibly Have That Needs Healing?!

Years of living unconsciously is rather like spending years without bathing (or going to the toilet!). Everything that clings to you, that you take in remains and grows layer upon layer. Within you it collects, turns hard and clogs up your system making you slow and heavy, physically and energetically.

Every thought, decision, reaction, and behaviour has shaped and changed your energy body in ways you were never even aware of.

The general energies around collect in your energy body, others people opinions, emotions, thoughts, lodge in your chakras and systems introducing their ‘version’ of things.

Even simple decisions that were made ‘for the best’ can create unforeseen blocks and walls in your energy field, cutting off various aspects of your energy systems from working together effectively.

Things you thought in the past still cling with in you, weighing you down and affecting your present state.

  • How Would Energy Healing  Benefit me?

The benefits of energy healing are wide spread and can positively affect your physical, mental and emotional state of well being as well as aid anyone who is currently involved in spiritual or metaphysical pursuits and paths in life.

Healing the energetic layers helps to clear old mental and emotional wounds by releasing the energy still held onto. This can also trigger emotional purging such as crying, allowing these emotions to come to the surface to be healed.

  • Are There any Requirements to Receive Healing?

Whilst there is no real ‘requirements’, I would say there is a responsibility to be aware of what energy healing entails .

Be aware of what you are asking first and take time to consider if you are ready. This may lead to the start of or increased spiritual awareness, experiences and what follows is your own responsibility.

Interested in an Energy & Meditation Planner?

I have a pre-made planner for those wanting to incorporate spirituality into their daily life. I made it as printer friendly as possible. Open it then save it or print.

Intermediate and Advanced will be along soon!

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