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Tag: chakras

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What is ‘Twin Flame Union’?

‘Twin Flame Union’ is what is often seen as the ‘goal’ or destination for twin flames and all same-soul connections, including Monadic Flames and Group Souls. You can get many answers to what union is, all different perspectives of the same thing based on different levels of experience, their ‘union dimension’ and level of knowledge …

What is ‘Twin Flame Union’?Read More

The Twin Flame Concept CAN Damage your Experience.

There is many issues with the Twin Flame concept over the years and the problems have only been spreading and growing creating a ‘shadow’ around the general ‘experience’. This has lead to the rise of a toxic ‘understanding’ of what people think this experience is all about, all made even worse since it went ‘mainstream’, leading people to reside in this shadow rather then the true experience.

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An Introduction to Energy Work

The Energy state is best seen as an ‘underlying’ or foundation layer to the physical, mental and emotional states of our Being. This Energy state is interconnected to all three and works as a single system. Therefore healing to this energy state positively influences the rest. This is the healing of your energy vessel. Years of living unconsciously is rather like spending years …

An Introduction to Energy WorkRead More

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The Truth of Raising Vibration & Frequency

A common thing you may read about is Raising Vibration & Frequency. Having such keeps you beyond the reach of lower energies, safe from entity manipulation and raises your consciousness and is part of ascending. The trouble is that usually this is followed by two major misunderstandings. So what is a ‘High Vibration’? First of …

The Truth of Raising Vibration & FrequencyRead More

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How To: Spiritual Energy Maintenance Process – Basic/Beginner

If you have not read the first part of this How To, please first read the Intro & Prep before continuing with Spiritual Energy Maintenance Process, especially if you are new to this. For best results a Spiritual Energy Maintenance Process is best repeated every day – for the rest of your life to keep your …

How To: Spiritual Energy Maintenance Process – Basic/BeginnerRead More

An Introduction to General Spiritual Energy Maintenance

Spiritual Energy Maintenance is keeping up on maintaining the health of your energy body is just as important as the daily cleansing of the physical body. Years of living unconsciously is rather like spending years without bathing (or going to the toilet!). Everything that clings to you, that you take in remains and grows layer …

An Introduction to General Spiritual Energy MaintenanceRead More

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