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Whether it is chakra, aura, or room, chakra healing music videos have really taken off over the last few years so I thought it would be a nice addition to my reviews to try a few and give my experience on them. Now, I will say I have done these before in the past and I was not exactly shocked at the little it did. Hence I never really used them much.

I have chosen 3 random videos from the recommend list at the side that are all under 30 minutes.

So how affective is chakra healing music?

Firstly, you need to realise that what you seem to gain from these is all down to your own personal ability to be self-aware of feel your own energies. Then to be aware of what that you are feeling actually means. If you can do this, you will gain more out of them. Obviously, you will get a reaction when you have a surface block or energy that reacts to the frequency. This does not happen for deep blocks as they, or I should say, you are not ready to deal with those yet, only surface blocks are the most readily available to be felt.

I listened to all these chakra healing music videos the same way and played them on the big tv using the speakers to ‘bathe’ me in the sound frequencies (giving it as much help in its favour as I could!). I sat in my chair, feet and the floor and closed my eyes. Bear in mind I have 15 years energy healing experience and can do it watching tv and still feel every energy, so my ability to sense energy does not hamper this experiment and only really adds to my ability to judge IF it actually does anything and what.

First chakra healing music: 30 Minute to Unblock ALL 7 CHAKRAS

Platform: Youtube
Click image for link.

This is a video I have had on my ‘Watch Later’ list for a while and I have used it a few times over the past few months already so I decided to start with this for this little experiment. The channel is called ‘5 MIN TO ZEN’ and have (at the time of writing this post) 232K subscribers.

The sound is pleasant enough, smooth and flowing, unlike some which sound a little to harsh and brash to my ears. Also, 30 mins is a perfect time, not to short and not to long. The images on screen look stunning (on the big tv) though they the sound is where it is at here. There is a slightly noticeable change in the sounds as it shifts to the next frequency though this is smoothly done without seeming like a sudden stop/start feeling.

Did it have any effect?

I have to say, I did not really feel any reactions to the first three chakra tones at all, which I was pretty much expecting really. I decided to treat these as an extension to the meditation in general as it is still pleasant to listen to.

With the heart chakra I did start to feel a tightness in the left side of my chest, which is good as I know I have a long term issue here that reiki and energy healing simply has not managed to remove/solve completely even after 5 years of work. So it is good that this highlighted this area. Do I think it actually ‘did’ anything? Not really. It triggered the energy, I could feel it was not a block, but an energy, so this is at least one positive to listen to this video, it can help you to identify what remains inside, even if it can not do anything about it.

Again, it activated more so on my throat, a known issue that connects to the issue around my heart charka. It let me know it was a energy issue, not a block (they feel different).

After that I felt nothing for my third eye, my crown I could feel, though it was more of an ‘activity tingle’ than anything else.

OVERALL: Would I recommend trying it? Mainly, this video has the right frequency tones that just seem to work and be pleasantly enough to listen to, though until I do a few more, I cant say ‘how good’ this one is.

Second chakra healing music: Quick Chakra Tune up 2 mins Per Chakra

Platform: Youtube
Click image for link.

I thought I should add in a short chakra healing music video for variety, I chose this for a nice short under 15min mediation. I have never tried this one for though I have seen the channel called ‘Meditative Mind’ and tried a few of theirs before. They have quite a following at 5.15M subscribers (at the time of writing this post).

Again accompanied by bright moving visuals of chakra colours and symbols, this works on each chakra for 2 minutes each.

There was a stop and silence between changing between sounds (depends if you are ok with that or if it puts you off) and the sounds themselves are nice to listen to, though not as smooth as the video above.

Great for when you have less time.

Did it have any effect?

To my surprise, yes! For a short video it had a more intense and quick effect than the video above.

I first felt it during the sacral chakra section and it felt very different in effect to that previous video. It actually started with a slight pain on my head then across the back of my shoulder blades and where the neck meets the shoulders. Three points all at the same time. All this and it wasnt just triggering the energy, I could feel it moving, activating. It was an amazing reactions!

On the heart I felt it across the front, though it wasn’t tight energy but above the heart in the aura.

Throat chakra was a sudden reaction, though rather then feeling ‘stuck’ (but not a block) it felt like it was being activated and excitement.

Overall: Would I recommend this? Definitely! I don’t know why it is so different yet this is quick and intense. It hit hard and quickly and actually FEELS like the it is helping the energy in a good way rather then just triggering it so you can feel it. I never thought too much of these videos though this has raised my opinion, somewhat.

Third chakra healing music: All 7 Chakras Crystal Singing Bowls 30 Min.

Platform: Youtube
Click image for link.

Another 30min chakra healing music video here this time with singing bowls. This from channel Inner Lotus Music that has a subscription based of currently 517K.

I do not know if this was actual bowls or synthesized, I admit I never checked. There is a silence between each chakra and to be honest, the constant droning was annoying over the chakras. This improved though as the tones went higher. It starts with a note of all 7 and ends the same way.

Does it have an effect?

Well… Yes OMG yes! Even better then the previous chakra healing music. It first hit me when playing through the initial notes. It felt like my third eye buzz from that point on and through the whole thing.

The heart session not only triggered my energy but ACTUALLY began to clear it, I felt it swept away just like when I do my own healing.

The throat session did the same thing moving up to my third eye, which made my eyes flicker madly until a stillness and stability settled in.

What did happen that didnt for the other video was that I could actually see the energies in colour as they moved around. None of the others trigger this sense of mine and I saw ‘7’ sink into various higher chakras.

Overall: Would I recommend this? Most definitely! For some chakras I felt I would of benefited from slightly longer session as the heart felt ‘left unfinished’, though for others I was just waiting for it to move on as there was not really much for it to do. Might worth seeing if they do chakra only videos..

In fact, I have repeatedly gone back to this video to listen to it in smaller chunks, hitting restarted to go over a chakra again. It will be staying on my list.

OVERALL chakra healing music takeaway:


  • It can let you know where you surface issues are and help you to focus in on them
  • Can let you know if it is a block or an energy that needs re-aligning
  • It can aid general meditation and help your own healing, giving it a supplement.
  • You don’t need to do lengthy videos to get anything from them.


  • Unless you can feel your energy, the effects and knowledge will remain as Schrodinger’s Cat
  • Some do not seem to effect anything about the issues themselves, only point them out
  • If they do not have a positive effect and you cant do it yourself, its pointless to listen.

Here is a link to my playlist that I am listen to. (None are mine and are credit to the original owners)

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