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Twin Flame Union’ is what is often seen as the ‘goal’ or destination for twin flames and all same-soul connections, including Monadic Flames and Group Souls.

You can get many answers to what union is, all different perspectives of the same thing based on different levels of experience, their ‘union dimension’ and level of knowledge from those experiences. Or for some, simply what they have read online.

All these Dimensions exist along side the frequencies of energies we more commonly are aware of and call ‘the physical world’, aka 3D. (Though this is inaccurate as dimensions are in fact of the consciousness, not the reality, but that is another topic and something you learn later.)

Generally, ‘5D Twin Flame Union’ (which you hear about the most) is a higher dimensional frequency of energies of a certain set of wavelengths that is generally clumped into the label 5D for ease of reference. This is where most ‘Twin Flames’ will have their Unions. Other types of same soul connections will have their unions on higher dimensions. Whilst they are all ‘unions’, the dynamics and experiences will differ according to the dimension due to the differences in the states of those soul beings.

‘Union’ is when we come into a balance and harmony with those of the same Being as us, leading to a merging of those energies and consciousness. This ‘union’ will look slightly different depending on the Dimensional levels being discussed as they will all manifest and process differently as dictated by the type of connection and state.

A ‘union’ is the healing and uplifting state of our energies and energetic systems (aura, energies bodies, chakras etc) into the healthiest state they can exist on within that set of frequencies.

This includes the ascension and enlightenment of our consciousness and local consciousness. When this happens for both, their energetic systems will be ‘operating’ at full capacity and be open and ready to merge with its partner energy system, of which over the time it has been gradually becoming aware of, connecting and opening up to. This merging happens naturally, as it was being out of sync with the Other that was maintaining the divided state. Many say we are already merged though my experience of merging has been blatantly obvious, so I cannot say it is the case. If there is no experience of merging – its a separate soul being you are dealing with.

For the person this brings a feeling of a perfect harmony and singular sense (not mental!) of being one in energy, of occupying the same space and awareness of looking at ones energetic self. Not the personal, 3D persona or ego or false self, but the 5D+ energetic self of awareness.

For some ‘union’ is simply about being in a relationship with their Other. If they live together = Union. This is just a 3d relationship..

Unless you are going through the spiritual awakening and merging on the other levels and you come together physically as the Enlightened human beings, you have not achieved the Full Dimensional Union.

You can achieve a complete 5D+ union without having physically met them. It happens in energy, there is NO need to have met them to do this. However, if you meet in the physical and dont go through the process, you will never have anything more than a 3D relationship that you could have with anyone else.. In fact it maybe worse due to all the healing, awakening and ascension you haven’t gone through.

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