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What is Beyond Twin Flames. Monadic and Group Souls

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A Brief Guide with ‘Stages’ Beyond Twin Flames – (constantly updated).

Welcome to my brief introduction to of my own unique experience of soul connection that differs to that of a Twin Flame… . These more or less seem like the same in process .. until you hit a certain point. This is where the ‘twin flames’ journey ends and something else keep going. Where as a Twin Flame stops around the 5D, monadic twins and multi-flames/group souls can go a lot higher, hence their processes differ and they are not ‘limited’ by the twin flames ‘truth’. A twin flames truth becomes a multi-flames past truths. This is an ‘advanced’ concept and cannot be fully recognised unless you have experience of several catalysts and connections to tell them apart.

Is there only ONE Twin flame or can you have multiple?

Yes and Yes.

Paradox? Welcome to Multi-Flames, beyond Twin Flames 3D concept that it is!

Even though some call twin flames a 5D concept.. personally I dont think it is. Whilst it maybe ABOUT a higher state.. that doesnt mean it is in it’s consciousness, perspective, understanding and experience that created it.

So here is the brief ‘stages’ that I have come across that start when you come across the first Flame (or before if you woke yourself up and started your own spiritual awakening long before). Personal awakening and ascension will have an effect on these stages, however mine are written from having 20 years spiritual awakening and ascension experience before meeting the first flame.

Now.. you CAN (like I did) come across early ‘intuition’ that you are part of a group, though personally, I couldnt even fathom what this group was to I kind of left it hanging in the air.

You do not need to physically met them first unlike with most Twin Flames. A Multi-Flame is a higher dimension then a twin flame thus they are more likely to understand and awakening by themselves, without needing the Other to awaken them or be around to trigger them. Infact you can go through most of the process without ever meeting.

These are written as the various ‘states of being’ as you go up through the evolutionary/ascension development of the consciousness involved. They are not the process of ‘what to do’.

(I have experienced all these and is where my understanding comes from. Through them all it has been the SAME process, a linear progression. Inner work, energy work, healing etc Video that inspired this article can be watched HERE)

‘Twin Flame’ 

The Initial Illusion of thinking this is a Twin Flame Journey. (lets face it, there is very little out there to say its anything else)

Usually have only met one being either in person or in astral meeting or sensing their presence around you (if you have previous awakening experience to be aware enough to sense them). The initial trigger of the Multi-Flame Journey.

‘Twin Soul’ AKA Monadic Twins

Higher dimensional state of being.

The higher self is revealed as more then one. In my case when I asked to met my higher self, I came across two. One came forward to greet me. A multi-higher self then opens you up to the idea that you must be Monadic Twins.

‘Dual Aspect Being’ AKA Monadic Aspect

Entering into the consciousness state it is found that within your Being there exists a dual state of existence. This follows on from the Monadic Twins, though it is realised upon embodiment that you are not ‘in/of/from’ the Monadic HS but the ‘Monadic HS’ are both within another Being. Thus they are actually a dual inner aspect of your own.

A soul who’s consciousness is experiencing itself in a duplicated state on the consciousness level of itself.

The gateway to the next stage.

Experience has shifted to the Consciousness level.

Collective, Multi-Flame, AKA Triple (Twin) Flames

(The Group Aspect of the following stage)

Mostly likely another person has turned up at this point. Either in person or you have grown enough to recognise them even just online via a photo or even through the Flame you already are aware of.

The Dual Aspect Consciousness now exist within you as past selves and aspects. You become their new, higher self. You may only be aware of one more than the other. This one is the one that feels as being your Flame on the energetic level, that is also you.

Group Soul

This is where it is finally coming together! The confusion of Many and One has caused me so much grief over the past years yet hearing these two words one night brought it all together in clarity.

A Group Soul is a Soul that is made of several souls. Not to be confused with a Soul Group, which is different. The many that are one. Not to be confused with One that splits into many. It is one Soul (Cloud Consciousness) that exists as multiple at the same time.

Cloud Consciousness – A Unified Group Soul

As usual, my understanding is several stages behind what has already been achieved. This explained my sense of being ‘individual’ to my incarnated connections. They are the stage AFTER this!

This is truly about many layers of a Group State that unifies to an individual, which is part of another group that unifies… etc

This stage is me realising that I am the unification of a Group Soul that has already come together. Back in 2020 I had a revelation/revealing of the ‘many loves’ that already existed to together in my heart. This was in fact the Cloud Consciousness that I already was, that since came together thus ‘I now am’.

Hence the sense of being alone, yet also knowing there should be others.

Collective Cloud Consciousness – Unification of all Cloud Consciousness

This is where it is realised that all the Cloud Consciousness’ are in fact aspects within a greater Being. Again, a group that is one, that is a group.. over and over.

This is only a brief introduction to my journey so far. For a more in depth understanding about being a Multi-Flame beyond the initial ‘twin flame’ illusion you can read:

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