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Twin Flames Concept vs Experience. What are Twin Flames Part 3

Welcome to the third instalment of my ‘What is a Twin Flame?’ Series. Twin Flames Concept vs Experience

If you have not read the first and second instalment I suggest you do, regardless of what information you already hold on what you believe them to be, this way you will to understand the foundation of ‘who, what and why’ of this series.


Concepts and understandings, like the ‘Twin Flame’ one are all well and good when it comes to navigating our way through something which we have never experienced before, however they become a HUGE block when we start to navigate the concept/understanding INSTEAD of the Experience itself.

It is akin to the finger pointing to the moon.. WAY too many people are looking at the finger and calling it the moon when they havent even noticed the moon the finger is pointing at. Unfortunately, this ‘finger’ is where a good majority of the ‘twin flame’ information is coming from these days and is the most commonly copy/pasted information floating around online.

As most people do not have have the growth/experience to realise this information is incorrect, it is leading people along a merry journey of fantasy and illusion of a Twin Flame Journey, which they are then put back online where it reproduces like an out of control entity.


Because people are going online and following an indirect concept (and incorrect understanding) rather then what they are directly experiencing and learning directly from that Experience themselves. They start to follow the concept rather then the Experience itself. They ignore the messages, guides, prompts and feelings the Experience is given to them grow from and instead go online to what a concept says about this and to do what it says. They lose the Experience (which is the whole point) in favour of an easy and quick ‘answer-at-your-fingertips’ test.

It becomes a mental exercise to follow through the stages, tick the boxes, leading the mind to believe it is making progress and nearing union when in fact, they have never left the mind, grown and barely even started.

You cant ‘fake it till you make it’, that only works on the mind. The mind will eventually learn the new patterns, replacing the old.. though that is all it will do. If you ‘fake it’, all you will achieve is to ‘make it to fake it’. You will believe you are grown, awakened, nearing union because you have convinced yourself you are, nothing more.


Where a concept is an inner mental terrain, the Experience is a full embodiment. It is life, it has to be lived, seen, felt, heard, breathed. It is 24/7, non-stop that oozes into every aspect of your Being, your human life, your experience, yourself…. and that is only a small portion of it.

It is the equivalent to work-based learning as opposed to learning in a classroom. It HAS to be hands on. Spiritual awakening and ‘twin flames’ can only be hands on, anything else is to indirectly separate ourselves into separate pieces to be mentally picked through, judged and accepted or discarded.

Here we get in, get our hands dirty and use good ol’ elbow grease. If you want to be it, you have to live it! If you want to live it you have to understand it and become it.

What do we need to become?


This is the only way to successful navigate this journey. We are our own Experience that we are here to BE and HAVE. We are the spiritual awakening, we the twin flame, we are the Journey. Nothing else, therefore we cannot become ourselves through any other means. Most certainly NOT by the mind alone, not by the emotions alone, or the body. All these are PART of the Experience we are having here, hence they are the guidance, the tools, not the answers themselves.

It would be like trying to turn of a computer game (the Experience/3D) from WITHIN the game environment itself, it can only be done in the reality of the player (5d+ /spiritual). This is why systems, tools, anything WITHIN that game environmental cannot teach your the answers of the reality of the player, you can only learn about that game reality itself.

You need to become aware of yourself as a player through self awareness followed by self-recognition followed by self-realisation. Simple reading and going ‘oh ok’, is not enough, you need to truly deeply understand this, to feel it sink in and settle, for it to hit you as a realisation, shock, awakening part of yourself inside. This is learning from the Experience as the player rather then learning in the Experience as the game character.

This is what makes the difference between Following a Twin Flames concept vs Experience

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