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What is a Twin Flame Spiritual Growth & Experience. Part 2

Welcome to the next instalment of my ‘What is a Twin Flame?’ Series. Twin Flame Spiritual Growth

If you have not read the first instalment I suggest you do, regardless of what information you already hold on what you believe them to be, this way you will to understand the foundation of ‘who, what and why’ of this series.

So if you have, here is the reminder:

A Twin Flame, Monadic, Twin Soul, Multi-Flame and Collective Connection is a dynamic and only exists WITHIN a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING.

A Path that exists only within a Spiritual Awakening & Ascension Experience

This needs more detail then just a sentence alone as many will be wanting to know ‘why?’. Why can it not be just a romance and relationship? Why is it not perfect from the get go? If that is what you want, just go out and find yourself a nice woman or man to have a normal relationship with, you dont need anything more than that…

Though I cant say how ‘perfect’ that will be as the perfection doesn’t come from the relationship but the mental and emotional healed and mature state of those involved. Any relationship will only be as healthy and stable as those which are creating it between them. The idea of this ‘perfect love’ is a fantasy born of a lacking which is then looked to fill it in using an external situation (relationship) rather then as stemming from within one’s own inner state.

This is why this ‘perfect love and relationship’ is flawed in its creation, it comes from the fantasy of a wounded mind and heart which, in its current state, is unable to exist in such a high, harmonious and stable state. Such states only exist within our healed and harmonious inner selves – which the spiritual awakening and ascension brings… and then some!

Spiritual awakening is never easy or painfree and neither is the path you need to take to be able to exist in these higher inner states. It is more a societal and cultural ignorance and wishful thinking of an unrealistic ‘perfection’ created by wounded inner states. The desire for no more pain. Even as we grew as humans we didn’t have an easy time of it with physical growing pains, confusion and even some fear of the mental, physical emotional changes we went through.

Spiritual awakening and growth is no different. However, it isnt the ‘Twin Flame’ itself that is difficult, it isnt the ‘connection’ itself that is difficult.. it is our own inner wounded states that are making it difficult and painful. We know and have often felt that high state that is often called ‘union’ as it comes and goes, yet we forget that we arn’t in alignment with that yet, that is the process and progress we need to make to reach it.

Twin Flame Spiritual Growth. An Experience of the Soul/Being having multiple ‘human’ Independent-Self-Experiences to then Ascend and re-merge back with Itself.

So what does this have to do with these same-soul connections and spiritual awakening? The depths of a Union that those of the same-soul can go to is beyond what any individual souls could experience, this is why some souls choose to incarnate as more than one Self-Experience. This means that all these connected Self-Experiences of the Soul/Being are all integral parts of each others process.

The connection with the ‘twin flame’, what others simply see as being nothing more than a ‘normal relationship between two people’, is actually an ‘outer 3D manifestation’ of that connection they each have with themselves and their own Soul/Being.

As such.. the awakening is this process, where this inner state changes leading to mental, emotional and spiritual awakening, healing, expansion, growth and maturity of the individual Self-Experiences. This then is in a harmonious alignment with the Soul/Being, thus in a perfect alignment and harmony with all connected and aligned Self-Experiences of that Soul/Being, thus allowing a perfect love and 3D manifested connection between said same-soul connections.

This is why you can not choose whom you have such a ‘Connection’ with. You cant change who you have this connection to, neither can you ‘make’ or ‘enter’ into such a connection with someone after you are born. It was there from birth or it will never be. This comes from your soul level, it is decided and made via your Soul/being. You do not have a choice. It just IS.

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