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The Absolute Basics. What is a Twin Flame Part 1

I feel it is time to address something which is the FOUNDATION of all same-soul connections yet barely mentioned in the Twin Flame community and concepts. The Twin Flame Basics.

New comers tend to not have a clue about this as it is presented as a ‘stand alone’ experience hence so many mistake romance and even worse, abusive and toxic relationships as TF. So please have a read of this and share it around as much as you can!

A Twin Flame, Monadic, Twin Soul, Multi-Flame and Collective Connection is a dynamic and only exists WITHIN a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING.

What ISN’T a Twin Flame, Monadic, Twin Soul, Multi-Flame and Collective Connection?

To truly begin to understand what something IS, you must also understand what it is NOT…

I am putting this first as it seems to be were MANY people get dragged into something else entirely whilst using the same label, thus all the ‘shadows’ of these following situations are projected at the true soul connection experience out of sheer ignorance to the fact they are two different things.

What Twin Flame Basics are NOT is :

  • A 3D Person
  • A connection between people (this is a normal 3d relationship)
  • A similar life story or life experiences
  • A romance
  • A perfect life partner, husband/wife situation
  • A toxic or abusive relationship
  • Someone who said ‘no’ to you and you just cant accept that
  • An obsession or want to possess another
  • An excuse to cheat on your other half
  • A ‘make everything magically better’ pill
  • Obssessively thinking and/or dreaming about about someone alone doesn’t prove a connection

ALL of these misconnected to TF above are the result of either:

  • A societal and cultural trend based on no actual understanding and used for entertainment and making money
  • A woeful ignorant misunderstanding by those without the spiritual growth to know anything else but 3d.
  • The justification and self-enabling of obsession to continue to hold onto a unrealistic, toxic dream and attachment
  • An excuse to do something you know is WRONG, but you want something to tell you its ‘ok’ and hold up as a shield against your own and other judgements
  • People with severe attachments to keep away the despair and pain of their self-issues of feeling unwanted, unworthy, unloved etc etc

What IS a Twin Flame, Monadic, Twin Soul, Multi-Flame and Collective Connection?

What it is, is usually beyond many peoples initial scope to not only understand but to accept.

For many it goes too far beyond what their minds can be open to accept as ‘real’. This is why most fall into the above mentioned illusions of what they THINK a ‘Twin flame’ is, because they dont have the ability to understand anything outside of their everyday 3D reality and life.

What it is:

  • A potential dynamic/journey/path that exists only within a Spiritual Awakening /Ascension Experience
  • A State of Being experienced by the Soul/Being as having multiple ‘human’ Independent-Self-Experiences
  • An awakening and ascension of the Many Selves as independents to then merge with each other and Soul.

Due to this:

  • You cannot have a same-soul connection without the spiritual awakening and ascension experience along with it
  • The ‘Connection’ is in fact the shared energy and soul that you become aware of with another
  • The process of awakening and connection that you go through is via your own soul
  • The ‘Twin Flame’ is the another of your soul, not your ID/Who/Self.

What is the purpose of such a Connection and Experience?

Well the clue to this is in that oh so important sentence I will say again:

A Twin Flame, Monadic, Twin Soul, Multi-Flame and Collective Connection is a dynamic and only exists WITHIN a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING..

‘Spiritual Awakening’ without this there is no soul connection, no twin flames, as they are the state of the journey and path that Soul/Being has chosen to experience.

It will ALWAYS be about that awakening, that growth, that ascension of all involved. This is the primary function, purpose, meaning, reason, mission, goal of BEING in such a connection.

I will not go into what a ‘spiritual awakening is’ in this article. This cannot be understand by reading and knowledge alone, just the same way you cant fully understand a trees existence from just reading about trees, only by becoming a tree yourself. You learn to ‘recognise’ a tree, but not understand a tree. As such only those actually experiencing the connection, can understand the connection.

The only way to learn what a ‘spiritual awakening’ is, what a soul connection, twin flame etc REALLY is, is by experience. Experience of both the Spiritual Self Awakening and the connection itself. Only by progressing, growing, expanding your own reality and self beyond the 3D can you truly recognise these through the experience and process that they are.

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