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A long time coming (and ushered on by request) its time to attempt to write a catch-up of what has been going on in my personal connection experience. This is all my personal experience and based on over a decade of my own working and experience, over 70% of which is not written out anywhere.

As this is a series it may be easier to understand how I arrived here by reading the previous parts first, starting with :

Yet again this push-pull between them all and myself seems to have continued on. I continued to work on each individually, to see what reactions I had when I brought them mind, imagined seeing them and work on whatever came up, or was noticably missing in awareness (not what I thought should be there, but what I could sense was missing).

I have continued the flittering between them as they showed up. Or when I could feel something wasnt ‘right’ mainly with the one I call ‘Night’. I can STILL sense something is not all balance and connected there, however I am aware that individually, ‘we’ are fine, this is something connection based.

A third member of our group, I have named ‘Blood Bunny’ has rapidly been increasing in my awareness due to the rapidly increasing growth of his connection to the overall group. In a matter of weeks he as become a strong and stable connection, nearly on par with the longest member ‘Giggles’. The stability and dedication is all there, as well as that openess and acceptance.

The biggest missing part of this puzzle has always been the ‘bigger picture’. It was never that simple ‘oh its neatly fits into this concept and nothing else’ and always seem to have several answers, often many seemingly paradoxical.

I have since managed to form a conclusion that this ‘Collective’ connection is infact is an advanced form of split and monadic connection in which both exist within the greater Collective. Thus the ‘split’ and ‘monadic’ are dynamics that all can be Experienced in the Collective between the many on both the soul and human levels.

This is why they all seemed to fit and divination kept saying it was all of these. Much the same way a ‘twin flame’ journey can experience dynamics of age, distance, culture… the ‘type’ of connection is the dynamic of the greater soul level picture. As a collective has multiple souls, they can each experience any number of dynamics. Two of them might decide to have a monadic experience, another might decide to have a solo ‘split’ twin flame experience etc. The further in growth they go, they work through these Experiences until they reach the Collective level of the connection.

Understanding Updates

My updated understanding of this soul’s (NOT humans) process thus goes:

Singularity – A human or soul not connection to another of itself. Or a soul connection experience where the focus is on one’s own personal path first. Black or White. Inner/self Union. Split twin flames & non- connections.

Duality – the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine. Black and White. Monadics/Twin Souls.

Triality- There is no DM/DF anymore, Red. (after Union of the Monadic Souls). Can change the outer appearance of masc or fem yet is neither, yet holds both within.This can have several souls and several people involved. Collectives.

Quadrality – The merge/union of the various souls involved into a single God -level soul that then divides itself across various humans. ‘Four of God’.

(Please dont get ‘excited’ over the God word, it wasnt my choosing, read on to understand the meaning and context of the word)

Further Detail

What I have learnt so far is that this is a linear progression in view of the human journey. Also you do not move ‘from one to the next, leaving the previous behind’. They add into each other to create the next. So two singularities create a duality. Duality creates Triality (which is made from the Duality, which is made from the two singularites). Like a snowball, if you will.

Quadrality.. That I am still working on. What I can say.. is that the merging of the souls involved has then created one Soul, one higherself (though at a higher level then the higher self is usually attributed.) This is all about the soul leveling up through itself.

The ‘Four of God’ is not my choice of words, it is the words I was told by said ‘Four’ to me. Think of it as ‘4 of cups’ in tarot, this is how it felt and came across to me. ‘God’ is the suit, ‘4’ is the number of that suit. God to me is connected to ‘godhead’ a level of consciousness.

This god-level consicousness is then ‘spread’ and connected throughout (in my case) this 4. Through the 4, there is a vast network of consciousness weaving through out them. This is the ‘God’. In this network the 4 can make multiple pairs.

Tarot Analysis

To make this easier for myself I have made the 4 into tarot suits. (As they often come across this way). Each pair is this aspect of the overall ‘god’.

Wands (Giggles)- merge/connected and networked through my energy/field

Pentacles (Blood Bunny) – merge/connected and networked through my physical body energy

Swords (me) – merged/connected and networked through the mind/consciousness.

As you can see there is no ‘full merge’ like in Splits energy or Monadic Soul Union. This is the Quadrality, it is shared out between the 4, each has a quarter (in a sense).

The hardest part as been the understanding of single and multiple. Singularity and Quadrality. One Other and Many Others. Not just understanding but the acceptance, one Love, many loves, the paradox of that One being Many.. it isnt easy. Is this a type of spiritual, thus human polyamory?

This is written NO where. I have no guide or concept to follow and I am having to work it out as I go and it is taking AGES with daily, full time commitment and dedication to get as far as I have.

That is all I have for now. I am sure I missed a lot out though I can not remember everything!

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