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Tag: Twin Soul

What is a Twin Flame Spiritual Growth & Experience. Part 2

..’perfect love and relationship’ is flawed in its creation, it comes from the fantasy of a wounded mind and heart which, in its current state, is unable to exist in such a high, harmonious and stable state. Such states only exist within our healed and harmonious inner selves – which the spiritual awakening and ascension brings… and then some!

The Absolute Basics. What is a Twin Flame Part 1

I feel it is time to address something which is the FOUNDATION of Twin Flames yet barely mentioned in the Twin Flame community and concepts. New comers tend to not have a clue about this as it is presented as a ‘stand alone’ experience hence so many mistake romance and even worse, abusive and toxic relationships as TF. So please have a read of this and share it around as much as you can!

A Twin Flame, Monadic, Twin Soul, Multi-Flame and Collective Connection is a dynamic and only exists WITHIN a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING.

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Unified Dual Aspect Being – Prt 3

As update on Unified Dual Aspect Being from my own understanding of what is going on for me as started in Dual Aspect Being, I have finally been able to connect how it follows on from Twin Flames, just like mentioned in my last article on the topic: Sacred Heart. The link article above was the …

Unified Dual Aspect Being – Prt 3Read More

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