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Here is a collection of Twin Flame Question I have come across and answered over various social media and websites.

If you would like to submit a question for Twin Flame Questions you can do that via Conscious Bites FAQ.

Why is my connection diminishing or fading?

Assuming this is a genuine Twin Flame situation…

The connection is like the shadow.. it is the 3D manifestation of what is truly going on in the background.

If this person really is the same being as you, this is a good sign. The purpose of the connection is no longer needed. As the process progresses the connection lessens as the ‘separation perspective’ is transformed. Thus the ‘connection’ is no longer needed.

Can a person’s twin flame be right in front of them yet they never notice?

I think it is possible yes. Especially if you are completely unaware on a spirit/energy level,. You will be unable to feel or see the energy/spirit to recognise them.

From personal experience… I am surprised that anyone could NOT know they are a TF if they actually are. I was aware of mine decades before I even came across spirituality itself.

Why is it that some days my soul aches to see my twin flame. It feels like there’s a massive hole in my chest?

Once I had that hole in my chest for a long also and I can say it DOESNT last!

Though I cant say for sure when it ended but it did. I no longer have a hole or suction vacuum there now so hold on!

I didnt need to met him for this so I am thinking it was a type of heart chakra or union/merger aspect. The fact my heart knew the current state wasnt ‘normal’ thus missed the Other ‘state’ that was meant to be. When that merger took place it healed after that.

It isnt really about the happiness they are or create. Its what your heart is capable of creating, which the Twin, triggers it into making. You cant make happiness with a hole in the heart when its not in the right state.

The depth of twin soul or twin flame concept, how real is it?

The concept itself is VERY shallow compared to the depths of the experience.

Often the very concept itself is old 3D fear based denial and actually is nothing like the actual things itself. It is a concept of negative fear mental patterns, rather then a mental understanding of a soul connection.

You need to choose sources of information carefully.

What are clear signs that you are not with your twin flame?

Biggest I would say are if you are NOT having spiritual or metaphysical experiences involving said person.

This does NOT include dreams or synchronicities, or constant thinking or feeling ‘love’. These are NOT spiritual or metaphysical experiences, they are physical 3D ones.

So, are you experiencing anything else? If you are not sure or wonder what spiritual or metaphysical experiences are, or answer is no. There is no connection.

If you are still completely asleep/unaware to not be able to experience to begin with, this (or know its happening) you are trying to understand/answer a pHD degree question with a Foundational degree understanding. Give it another few years and try again when you are more able to. (I know this sounds blunt, but it is a simple truth that you cant understand everything at once and you need to grow and expand into it).

In my dream, my twin flame was confessing her feelings to me, but her face was not her face, it was someone else’s, what does that mean?

This happens many times to myself to, often not even showin a head in the past!

I could only figure this as a way to introduced me to recognising them WITHOUT having to rely on facial ID. After all its only on earth they have that face and may have many more. It maybe showing you to tell you look into HOW you know it was her, even with another face, so asking you to look at what you were aware of to recognise her.

My twin flame hasn’t answered my text in two days? Is this normal for this connection

Whether your Twin answers text or not in two days is irrelevant.

Instead, I would be looking at the source of your own question as that is where the lesson and healing/growth is here.

What makes you think a Twin should reply within 2 days? What makes you think being a Twin would have any bearing on this at all?

People seem to not realise that ‘twins’ are in fact HUMAN and live in the human world.. not some twin flame reality that means everything we dislike is somehow non-related and the usual stuff doesnt apply.

What are good analogies for Twin Flames or comparable dynamics, other than magnets?

I like to use a simple science analogy. One is Hydrogen, the other oxygen.. when they come together then form water! Two become one but a whole new one!

As a twin flame did you always feel like you were an incomplete being or is this feeling exclusive to all human beings?

I found people tend to misunderstand ‘twin flame’ incompleteness as meaning anything to do with the human form and relationships ie ‘I dont need anyone else to be whole and complete’. Its actually NOT about this at all!

Yes there will be a type of ‘space’ or ‘gap’ that feel empty or black or a deep hole, in my case a black hole. Though this is more unawareness of what is actually there. The feeling of incomlpleteness is due to the inability to SENSE the rest of You, that is having its own separate expereince.

As you go through the process this will disappear however, so dont worry.

Why do I don’t want to believe that he is my twin flame even though the signs are so strong and clear that he is?

There can be a variety of reasons, most common being:

  1. Your afraid of the connection and Him and what it means (to you)
  2. Your afraid of yourself
  3. You feel trapped in that connection (didnt have a choice)
  4. You are afraid because it IS him and are in denial

Did you ever have a moment where you saw all the flaws in your twin flame and they lost their luster?

To me this sounds like you starting to see your twin for the real life person that they are, a human, not your idea of conceptual perfection.

This is a good thing! It means your seeing clearly and no longer wearing the proverbial rose-tinted glasses. From here you learn how to understand ‘flaws’ are a natural thing for everyone and are a part of them, thus a part of you.

Do you accept your own flaws? This is a great lesson in how to understand flaws and see them in a new way, thus helping you accept your own. ‘Flaws’ and our dislike when we see them are a mental resistence to something that doesnt suit our sub conscious type or ideals we ‘prefer’, which is irrelevant to being a Twin. So this is the time to realise, flaws dont matter.

(ofc dont sacrifice common sense, if Twin has a darker than normal trait of say abuse… dont just accept putting yourself at risk for that ideal either!)

Do you feel that one can spiritually grow just as well without the presence of a Twin Flame? Why are some people so focused on finding and forcing a romantic relationship with their TF?

Of course, anyone can grow by themselves, however that is a part of most people seem to over look.. ‘YOURSELF’, if you are a same soul person with another, they are that SELF that you are turning to and growing, healing.. so to do it WITHOUT them to me makes no sense.

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