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The Folly of Planning

This is where our plan, no matter how well laid seems like building our house on sand. The folly of planning. Thinking ‘I have a plan!’. We realise how weak and breakable our ‘plans’ really are. Like trying to get the waves to stop by holding up our hand. They just come crashing..

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The Truth of Raising Vibration & Frequency

A common thing you may read about is Raising Vibration & Frequency. Having such keeps you beyond the reach of lower energies, safe from entity manipulation and raises your consciousness and is part of ascending. The trouble is that usually this is followed by two major misunderstandings. So what is a ‘High Vibration’? First of …

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An Introduction to Your Spiritual Journey

Looking into metaphysical and spiritual journey I was brought into a very well set out and organised world. Like a fairground there attractions, rides, thrills and new experiences to try. All had their own unique feature and experience to offer. There were even huge sign posts of what was available and where.

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