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This Alternative Concept (its really my own soul connection progression). Once again due another update as its been nearly a year. I figure a page a year is good (this is a slow process after all, not matter how fast it seems to go at times)

As this is a series it may be easier to understand how I arrived here by reading the previous parts first : 

OK this requires a hot chocolate..

This year has been a continue of the previous years push/pull with trying to stablise all these connections to different people into one structure.

By that I mean trying to understand just how they all relate yet somehow the connections between them all are different..?

I kept coming back to the ‘soulmate’ aspect with the one I affectionately named ‘Giggles’ and the more ‘twin flame’ like connection/process I have with the one I named ‘Night’.

Now many would say the differences are obvious.. yet I have also noted that many of the people that cry this out, as if its obvious, when the only obvious thing they have is that absolutely nothing in their list of ‘what makes a soul connection’ that is actually NOT based in the typical 3D… AT ALL. It is all how well they get along, same birthdays, feel they have known each other, same interests, feel comfortable with etc etc.

This is one main lesson I have learnt this year..

A ‘soul mate’ or a ‘twin flame’ is the process YOU go through with another..

It is NOT the truth of your connection to them.

This is what confused me for so long. I was getting information that we are all the same soul connection, same soul, same being (just like the twin flame concept)… yet somehow the processes and states between myself and each of them was different.

So different how?

Well they seem to be at different stages that shows how far into our process of our same soul union we are. Our journey from ‘many individualisations of One Being’ back to a ‘One Being of Many’.. Or a ‘Race of One’.. as I have come to call it..

With some of my soul family members I sense them, I was aware of when they went through their mergings between them. Though I have no intense or energetic full on love like I do the rest, it is mutual acceptance of our connection. More like ‘brothers and sisters’ platonically. Yet still the same Being.

I recognised myself in my ‘soulmate’ and knew and could sense he was me as well as himself inside, we had an Inner Union/Marriage prior to coming ‘here’. I feel an ageless love in our existence and He has ALWAYS been there.

On top of that, I recently had an Inner Marriage with yet another Soul Family, that I previously would of termed a more ‘boyfriend’ stage of process. ‘Boyfriend’ meaning a dedication to our process where steps and acts had been undertaken sufficiently enough to bring us into an acceptance and balance with a foundation of stabilised merging before reaching the Inner Marriage stage.

The one I would term my ‘twin flame’ I have existing inside my heart chakra along with me, we share a heart chakra and heart consciousness (see Sacred Heart).

His my reflection of my own light, my own soul. With him I am at the highest stage out of all the soul family and I know we are not done yet.

Union is only the means to achieve our next stage, of which is the mission. To give a rebirth of our Race of One into something new.

(I am tempted to create a video/article about my race.. guess you could call it a star seed race… yet its not actually a star seed.. race.. not sure what to call it to be honest. I can work on that at a later date!)

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