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A Daily Spiritual Life Routine.

If you are looking to find a way to start incorporating a daily spiritual life, the best way I found is through a reset or re-start, depending on your preference, of the framework of your daily life. Basically a new daily routine.

It shakes things up to allow for changes to be more easily accepted, adding in what you want as well as removing anything going that you want to stop doing or leave behind.

Interested in an Energy & Meditation Pre-Made?

Incorporate your Spiritual Life – Calendar


This is to help those new to inner work with learning the basics of meditation and energy healing whilst make them into a habit. The Energy Realising methods also help you to grow your self and energy awareness. This Calendar includes the Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced versions to work through.

What should my Routine Include?

As this is about marrying these two sides of You together, obviously this is going into include the spiritual elements and the ‘mundane’.

The basic requirements and mundane essentials and the things you want to add to those essentials.

Breakfast, morning wash, setting of for work, picking up the kids etc

A good foundation for a daily spiritual life I found initially is to make sure the ‘Health Foundations’ are included. Some will already have their daily or few times a week physical health/fitness set up, which is great (dont forget to add that to the new routine list!)

Though what should be also including is your mental, emotional and energetic health also!

If you have at least one thing added to your daily routine that will cover all three, it will enable you to slowly keep moving forward and have a pre-set way in your day to help you deal with anything that happens. That way you can better process things on a daily basis, healing, understanding and releasing them without having to carry them forward until you ‘find the time’ to resolve them . Which will make them stagnant and become burdens on yourself.

Think of them like a morning or evening shower, you wash of what happened before then you are ready and fresh for what comes along. It is basically a daily reset!

What you choose to do this is up to you. There are things in this article HERE that will help give you some ideas if you need any.

Personally, I started out with journaling for my mental/emotional well being (of which I had already been doing daily anyway) and a 15-30min reiki and self-tuning in session.

I started off journaling twice a day. Early in the morning (as I tend to do a LOT of dream and night work and this way I can process it all before I start my day) and I also gave myself a short session in the evening to work through anything through the day so I didnt have to carry it over into the night.

Similar with the reiki and self-tune in.. I found these best done first thing in a morning whilst I am still laid in bed but awake and on an evening whilst waiting to sleep. I get to clean off the energy of the previous 12 hours and process anything in there that needs attention.

These 4 Health Foundations are an essential aspect (in my opinion) and should not be over looked as they all created a daily and long term ongoing flow of healing, self-awareness and expansion that support your spiritual side of yourself and life.

From there, what else you add is is up to you.

How do I Start my New Routine?

If anyone is like me, if I don’t have a list or have things written down it doesn’t get done. Yet if I have a list that feels like its set to a time or specific order.. I soon find it too rigid, boring and a bit confining. There were times I laid in bed thinking ‘urgh here we go again’, big clue it wasn’t working for me!

So find out which way works best for you, if you arn’t sure just start of with one way and see how it goes, you can always add/remove times later.

I found its best to have a list of things to do ‘before 3pm’, some type of ‘cut off’ point to not encourage things to be ‘left for later’. Things like fitness I might have change to ‘before noon’ etc. I then do them in which ever order I feel is a more natural flow for me on any specific day whilst sticking to the cut off points.

It fines to start to list of what you want to add though adding them at once will most likely lead to an overload. Try not to over phase yourself or you will hinder your chances of a successful transference due to placing too much pressure on yourself.

Start with your daily ‘mundane’ essentials and requirements (that you do anyway) then add the first of your spiritual aspects in. Ideally, these should of course start with the ‘4 Health Foundations’ mentioned above. You can add these in every 2-3 weeks once you have a chosen method. Though be sure to start with these!

So feel free to make your list, it can be as detailed with the ‘everyday’ as you like, a rough time to aim to have done things by.

Also, be sure to check in with what your already doing. Is there anything that you do that you really think doesn’t actually help you but you do it anyway out of habit? Or is there something you always end up leaving until later in the day and you know you shouldn’t.. or is there something you know you should do.. but never do or seem to remember? Now is the time to address these! Leave them out or add them in. Give yourself a few days to come with this list.

Here it does pay to make your list detailed like I mentioned above, having everything on this list will help you to stick to ‘only what is on the list’.

At the beginning mine started as:

‘get up’

‘morning wash’


‘get dressed’


.. and I could do them in any order I wanted. I could even do the journal before I got out of bed (if I remembered to put it on my side table the night before). I could have breakfast then wash, or wash, get dressed THEN have breakfast. This really made a BIG difference for me.

Spiritual Life Incentives & Tracking

I find that having a box to tick, or something to ‘complete’ once I have done something on my list gives me a sense of ‘DONE!’ and feeling of accomplishment, a type of self-reward that enforces the habits and drive/willingness to complete them.

Though I do not fancy writing it out everyday or drawing up graph tables to tick off as it feels too much like a chore. (Some might enjoy this though and that is great!)

I did initially start off looking for an app and for a while I loved an app called Fabulous yet I started to find it too limiting and other ‘habit trackers’ felt more like a to-do list at work then the start of a new daily life and often I couldn’t get them to function how I wanted them to.

I did try the more ‘game’ orientated ones though with them you can lose the importance of what your doing and why, for the primary focus of the importance of ‘playing the game’. I didnt want ‘ticking of the list’ to be the focus. The list completion should be secondary to actually ‘doing’ the things.

So I decided to use the simple ‘Reminder’ function on my tablet. Set to ‘everyday’ as soon as I tick something it disappears for that day and will pop up the next day, if I dont do it, it carries over. (This is especially useful for things you might only want to be a few times a week and want to hold off until the next day).

Its important to remember WHY your doing this. What you GAIN from all this is MORE then the things you are doing. It all adds up.

You arn’t doing it for the sake of doing it. If you were you would find yourself getting tired of it very quickly.

It might be worth taking some time to fully understand this and write down WHY your doing this. Stick it up somewhere you can see it.

Yes you might not be bothered to sit and do 15 min reiki one day .. ‘its only 15 mins’..

What are you gaining from that, by doing it every day.. How is that one 15min session is going to affect the rest of the days ahead?

Every 15 min session is a possibility of good changes and what we do affects us forever. Make sure what you DO brings good changes. This is a key element to a daily spiritual life.

‘Not doing’ is a possibility missed.

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