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More than one twin flame? Group Soul Connection.

A Collective AKA Group Soul is basically more than one twin flame, though as the concept is limited too only being one, I have created this name for the dynamic myself.

This is an ‘advanced’ concept and can not be realised until many experiences of multiple types of catalyst and connections to understand the difference that makes recognition possible beyond 2+2 = 5.

Covered in this More than one twin flame? video:

– Firstly, what is isn’t

– Cloud Consciousness

– The ‘what’

– Cloud consciousness compared to twin flames

– ‘Twin flame dynamic’ available to those in the Collective

– My ‘Ascension Guide book’.. why dont all Twin Flames get these?

– Collective ‘comes together’ at 13th chakra?

– How does a dynamic in a collective ‘feel’ like, how do I tell?

– How do those dynamics express in the physical?


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