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Twin Flame Questions – 3

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Is it wrong to manifest a physical union with your twin flame?

You cant manifest a Union as a Union requires many years of work on Both sides by an Awakened and ascended person. It would need both to want and work towards it happening, otherwise you are attempting to control another by manifesting then against their will to fit your desires.

Can you be born on the same day and year (twin-like birth charts), feel like twin flames but be extremely abusive physically and mentally towards each other? Currently separated, but are we twin flames?

No, this is the issue with just regard TF checklists.. they have anyone in a toxic or abusive relationship thinking they are TF. TF and toxicity are NOT related, one doesnt = the other. Whomever it is, just stay away from them and move on. Dont try to make or hope for more on the illusion you are both TF.

How can get rid of the feeling that something is missing in my life? Ever since I’m in separation with my twin flame, sometimes I feel like that.

What is missing is the rest of your awareness, your energy, your Being. Though it isnt ‘missing’ its just existing in a different space, that brings a sense of distance between you and yourself (hence the desire to unite and the discomfort and ‘disconnect/separation’ this feeling can bring about. It is there to tell you and spurn you into seeking yourself out, not in person but in yourself to know exactly what is going on.

How does your twin flame situation affect your daily life?

This would depend on where you are on:

1) Your own Journey

2) The aspect of your Journey that is the TF (TF is a PROCESS not a person!)

Progress on each of these will affect how the situation affects your daily life. Generally, early on isnt too bad, though as you go on the ‘harder’ you will find it. The more it will negatively influence your daily life. I say it.. IT never negatively affects your life, its your reaction and ability to accept and understand it PROPERLY, that is what will affect your life.

Hence ‘the only way is through’, in order to cope better, accept, understand better, you need to progress.

How did you feel when your TF denied having feelings for you?

Usually I dont feel anything, I have to focus on my feeling and senses to actually pick any of it up.. which is good. I couldnt imagine feeling it 24/7 all the time like I did in the past when it was all 3D attachments, when its not me causing it. Heart 4D+ pain is experienced very differently from the 3D equivalent. Yes 5d+ DOES still feel pain, it isnt all ‘love and light’ like people bypass it to be. The full range of ‘feeling’ is there, just different and not through the human experience.

I see it as like ‘sparing me the pain over his decision’. When I focus in I am aware of the pain my heart is feeling and his rejection of something. Though it no longer comes through mentally or emotional as I have cleared those levels now.

So to feel pain on any level is normal.. you have been and still are and always will be, that existance you share is EVERYTHING to your Being, as it IS you EXISTANCE, for the other aspect of your existence to deny that ofc is painful.

Do all twin flames end up becoming vegans?

No.. this is a spiritual idealistic trend, nothing more. Its the ‘idea’ of what a spiritual person should do/be.

Eat as it best for your body, not what the mind/spiritual ego think is best.

Drink milk and you get stomach ache = dont drink it.

Try vegetarian and feel weak = dont do it

Eat meat and feel better = eat meat

Its what is best for the body, not the spiritual ego.

Why is my twin flame holding on to me so tight energetically and refusing to let me go?

I vibe with this question hehe!

I have been aware of something energetically on my lower left forearm for over a decade though it only came to light this year that it is actually a male hand that has clamped onto my arm and is holding tightly (but not painfully). Like if someone leads you somewhere.. I can feel the determination to not let go, adamant, dead set, of something.

I find it funny as my TF right now is rejecting his past that is being reflected onto the connection and that gives him pain, so he is both running and chasing at the same time! Unwilling to let go but unable to face.

What are some warning signs that your twin flame is not real?

SO many people ask themselves ‘Is this person my Twin flame’.. not realising they are asking the wrong person. They seem to not see the question, that is more important of ‘Am I a twin flame?’. This is where you find the answer, the other isnt the answer to yourself, your meant to asking, looking at yourself, not the other as your answer.

The answers all lay in your self experience of the past whole of your life, you wont find it in another.

If you are a TF the signs will be there. I dont mean ‘sign and syncs’ of 1111 and having a crush that isnt interested, those are NOT signs of a TF. I meant in your OWN experience as YOU, not in life or with others.

How do you keep the faith during the twin flame journey?

I would start by looking into what is making you loose that faith, what aspects make you start to wonder if its all going to ever happen, or seem to be real.

Deal with each one individually by re-assessing how you came to view this, the perspective and understand this. Then look at it in next to the TF Experience.. are they based on a mutual foundation, or based in entirely different realities (like 3D vs 5D).

Have you reached the stage on your twin flame journey where inner peace is more important to you than chasing your twin flame?

Definitely, I would put this as coming after surrender and detachment. What becomes the most important isnt the other person or any physical aspect, this is about creating/building/forming the inner peace that exists as the inner being that both are. Harmony, balance, unity within. This is realised as the true path and meaning, purpose, reason of this whole process and journey. It is needed to continue to keep moving/flowing. The true ‘Self’ and true state.

Would anyone recommend joining an online support group for twin flames? Is anyone already in one? Are they any good?

Support groups can be great however they can also be a hinderance as you cant gauge the quality of the information you receive, its relevance or if it actually has a place in your journey to start with.

This is because you need to learn FROM the journey itself, not from what other people tell you. Support going through it is fine, but be careful not to ask for answers about your own journey from others, as it will be based on their journey, not yours.

Do you agree that the twin flame journey is a battle that you have to win within yourself?

NO, it is never a battle and shouldnt be seen as such! This paints a whole theme that is an unhealthy perception of what is going on.

It is a challenge yes, hard, scary, seems impossible at times, but any healing and growth is! It is a PROCESS of transformation, like growing from kid to adult there are tough times we dont understand the adult world from our kids perspective and growing pains… this is no different.

Our perception can alter the journey entirely, so anyone seeing it as a battle should help themselves by changing this perception.

Do I have to cut my twin flame runner completely off I order to surrender?

No, this is NOT surrendering, this is dismissal, denial and running away. Sweeping it under the rug to!

Surrendering is when you release all that is ticked off that your TF exists in the first place. Then you can happily accept and be just fine, with the exist of the TF, your existence being a TF and the existence of the connection.

This ‘cut them off completely’ is new nonsense that has been going around, cutting them off completely is denying everything including yourself, its the opposite of what you should be doing.

Dont like the fact she/ he exists? Why?

Dont like the fact you think about him/her? Why?

Dont like it when you are reminded of him/her? Why?

Cutting him off wont solve the issues that exist in yourself. It just makes them go silent so you forget they are there. Its like breaking your leg, walking around will make it hurt, reminding you about the injury. Sitting with your leg up may stop the pain but the injury is still there.

How does a feminine twin flame protect her heart from the process that the attraction brings?

‘Protecting your heart’ is a nice bypassing way of wanting to deny and resist not only the connection but your own feelings. If this is your TF, any pain you feel will already be yours and in yourself, there is no protection against what is already instead. The TF simply brings it out, they dont cause it.

As for the attraction, it is there for GOOD reason, how you respond and behaviour to that is the true lesson here, also where the true healing lies, if you need to protect yourself from that, you have healing that needs doing.

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