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Twin Flame Toxic Community. My Thoughts.

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An honest talk on how I feel towards the twin flame community.

I have been witness to the twin flame toxic community for over a decade now. From early back in chat rooms and on social media . Moving into vlogging and having my own website I was getting lots of comments and emails.

Through this I realised the toxic affect this was having on people who genuinely didn’t know any better. I realised people were getting caught up in the twin flame hype and shadow. I never actually added this video to my website initially as I was uncertain on the feedback I would get in return.

A Forewarning about this video..

This video is NOT aimed at anyone. Its all aimed at how I feel and what I am learning in my experience as a content creator/sharer. Remember, this is me sharing WITH you and how I FEEL, not about YOU. This video to me has been a real self-eye opener. It has really helped me to figure out what I want and what I dont want.

All I am doing if giving you information on what may or may not affect you. Everyone is at different stages of their own process. You maybe have already worked on what these energies triggers as so, you may not notice anything.

My Experience of the toxic twin flame community.

You read further about this toxicity of the concept here .

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