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Of the many things in life that are certain, as well as death and taxes it is a doubt and twin flames. Doubt is a constant companion on this journey and we are taught this this isn’t a good thing. That to be certain is to be safe, to know, to control. That we have to ‘know’ before we can move forward. Yet this only gives the mind control, something it can hold onto for sure, that makes it feel safe. The Twin flame journey is anything BUT this! Lets talk about doubt in general as this information is useful in all aspects we feel doubt.

What is this doubt and why do I have it?

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Doubt, I found, is misalignment. When what we are aware of, perceive, know and understand isn’t matching or in alignment with what is.

We are taught that to not be in alignment is a bad thing. However, I disagree. To ALWAYS be in alignment is a BAD thing. It shows stagnation, lack of growth, no movement. If you are constantly growing, you should be out of alignment as you can grow, briefly in alignment as you fill that space, then back out of alignment as you have opened new space you can now move into.

Though not being in alignment is also a constant in and out as we align.. then shift to a higher alignment, so we lose alignment until we realign with the next step, then we keep going.

It is like a ladder, two feet on the same rung it alignment, as we have a foot in mid air on we feel sift and misalignment.. when we have a foot on each we get the odd ‘dual reality’ sensation, paradox where two things seem to exist at once

Doubt and twin flames go together and is a constant source of stagnation in people journeys, as they see it as a hurdle to remove by gaining an answer. Seeing it as a question to solve, a challenge, in other words, seeing it as a negative block.

Did you know it can be Beneficial?

It can be used? It sure can! Most things can be used to your benefit as long as you have two things:

1) No pre-held understanding/perspective that anything can only be ‘negative’

2) If it feels bad, it needs to be removed or denied (doubt, anger, sadness etc)

As long as you dont have these bypassing blocks in place you can use such things as tools. That IS what they are, tools that help you to know what is going on inside, thus can be used to aid you in healing their root causes.

Initially doubt can cause fear, or come from fear. We are taught that ‘to know is power’, yet not all knowledge is created equal, as such we should be aware of what power we hold onto. This ‘knowledge’ gives use a sense of security against the unknown, what we are unaware of.

Doubt is especially useful for twin flames and plays a vital role in ones own progression.

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Changing doubt and twin flames into a useful tool!

If you can heal yourself enough, you can get out of that mindset and be open to a new way of realising doubt. All doubt, not just twin flame doubt. A new way of understanding it and working with it. You can use your twin flame doubt as a tool in your own journey.

Yes, you HAVE to do the work I am afraid. Where will it get you? The limit of what you can understand, accept and perceive is all down to your mindset. Want to change? You need to be able to allow that change, you have to align with the mindset that is in alignment with that new understanding.

What Doubt CAN be..

Maybe you are all but ready for that new understanding hence you are reading this article?!

So, here we go!

Doubt can be a root cause of curiosity! Doubt can make us go ‘hmm what is going on here’. This (what ever it is) isn’t what we thought is was, it doesn’t match, it doesn’t ‘feel right’. Curiosity triggers.

You are maybe not aware there is more than meets the eye, yet you can instantly feel that something is ‘off’. Yes! That feeling is misalignment. What we are aware of, doesn’t not match what we can sense.

You know there is something you are missing, some clue, some aspect, something that you don’t yet know, cant see, something that is a vital part of this ‘thing’ something enough that lets you know that you are not seeing a whole picture.

Or, maybe that you are seeing such a insignificant portion that what you see and thought you understood it as.. simply doesn’t feel right, or even make sense! You doubt BECAUSE you know it doesn’t make sense, because you know there is so much you are not seeing, are not knowing. That is your awareness that there is so much you are unaware of to start with. That is instinct and intuition!

Doubt is your intuition telling you that you are not seeing the whole picture.

So what about Doubt and Twin flames?

As a twin flame, you have not only your own spiritual awakening to go through, but the joint aspect with your ‘Twin’. At some point, you will reach a stage where your parallel paths will begin to merge and you will be jointly working on each other, as each other. This is what being a Twin Flame is all about, not a single, lone path where you focus on ‘yourself’. That is just more denial and bypassing and blocking everything the ‘twin’ is triggering and unwillingness to deal with it.

Doubt is there to bring about that curiosity. Why is this happening? What is this? What is the meaning and purpose? Who and what is this person? Exploration, research, self-inquiry, self-awareness.

Now I am not talking about the ‘twin flame concept’ that is introductory information and understanding only. True Twin Flames will out grow this in several years and the doubt is what fuels the curiosity to grow. The concept, will only fill you with sub-standard ‘answers’ and if you are not careful, you will remain stuck there, in ‘alignment’ with something far from the alignment of what you are trying to deal with.

Doubt is the nagging feeling you are out of alignment. Listen to it, follow it.

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