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What is ‘Fear’ and what does it do to us?

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Tough question isn’t it? What is ‘Fear’?

I know many are quick to shout ‘ Its not real!’. ….. Well yes, it is! What isnt real, is what you think it is…

I have two great videos here I have already made regarding this. They use awareness of the states beyond the emotion and mind to explain what they are beyond these states.

Fear Understood -Uncovering the Source- No, its not an Illusion!

This video covers aspects such as:


*How it manifests and creates our reality as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

*How it leads to the Source of Separation, but is not the source itself..

*The mental and emotional illusion of what it ‘is’.

How Fear Separates the Self.

This is a clip from an old video from 2017. In it I am explaining my experience of going through a healing process where in I discovered how fear of self separates the self in fragments.

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