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Good idea, though when people I havent seen for a while and ask me how I am and I say ‘same as’.. is that really true?

Inside I have improved, a lot! That is for sure. Though I maybe have improved in inner components, I am still using them for the same old things.

I am glad this fish hobby is seeing new life, its something I am really getting into, yet I can only go so far due to restraints. Which is only a by product of other things.

In terms of my self re-adjustment, I am much better than I ever have been. That is no question. Yet my life hasnt changed. I thought I would suddenly be up for anything and just.. ‘go do’ but its not turning out that way. I think that is why I say ‘same old’. 

Though it turning out that the amount of ‘good’ things now is started to out weight the ‘same old’ parts, thus making them more noticable.

I was trying to start out small, changing a few things every now and then to add in or change, or make better.

More hobbies, a few health changes, just to slowly change things for the best towards this regard.  Altering pieces to become how I would like to be, whilst I am still in this space I am in.

Currently adding in the more physical health orientated ones (my weak point). Though what else can I do, as it obviously, as yet has not changed that one thing. Though it good to get these changes in now whilst I can, then they are there for when things do happen.

 Not sure that that thing is like…

It might be that I am getting fully prepared before embarking on my life quest (sounds exciting that way) which is still possible and makes the most sense if I think about it!

Well I can feel this whole fish thing starting to settle which is good I will see how it settles and go from there.

As for the whole spiritual thing… the pattern has set.. I can do nothing about T.. only accept there maybe another.. or it is just this ‘good thing’ within I often feel IS the other and this TS is just helping me along with way on that level alone. Either way.

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