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As this is a series it may be easier to understand how I arrived here by reading the previous parts first :

There has been a lot of changes since February 2019 the greatest of which was my introduction to having multiple connections all at once, which I was introduced to in April 2019.

At this time I was still with the ‘ one significant other’ twin/dual, person/soul, mindset. I was also used to working one connection at a time so this really was a curve ball.

After several months of working with one of these people that I was strongly urged to work with and ‘frowning’ at the others, I eventually realised that all my previous connections were to help me realise the idea of not only one connection but of not only one person at a time. That there is MORE than ‘one significant other’ for me.

(FYI – Remember.. this isnt about relationships, boyfriend/girlfriend/lover etc… neither is this about old concepts of twinflame/soulmate etc … this does not fit into any of them… is about connections between people in energy, consciousness beyond ‘3D’ form and consciousness and the growth of their shared being through experience and union)

It was all to help me ease out of that box to be able to open up more to this, which was incoming later on.

The idea of there being only one on a higher level and two physically is quite rigid in the spiritual concepts and one that I have been slowly moved out of. That it took finding myself in a group of 8 to shake me out of it the dual mindset and makes me wonder when this stops.

Not only multiple people and multiple connections, but multiple consciousness.. that is all the same Consciousness.. consciousness that is experiencing itself as many independent points of consciousness, yet is the same ONE consciousness.

Thus we have an x-fold consciousness.. or 8-fold in my case (with a possible invisible 9th.. but that is still in the shadows for now).

So how to this work with so many? Pretty much similar to the way all other others have. At first I felt fear because there was SO many. How would I handle them all? I felt like it was 1 v 7. I was sorely out matched and out numbered, especially since they already new each other. I feared the expectation, my own expectation that would come from so many…

Answer = One at a time. Seems obvious no?

One at a time… working with healing, accepting .. same as with any other connections as it arises. Numbers only overwhelm the mind.

After several months I had reached stability with the first. He was like the doorway to the others. He helped me accept and understand the dynamics that they all shared and the differences between myself and them.

After this doorway I started to feel a pull to a few of the others and this brought confusion and fear as I was still ‘looking’ for the One in the group.

I noticed different pulls and sensation created towards them and after a long time I decided to just go for it and embrace those pulls and see where they went.

Each bond when made in union and completion created a space between us, within each others chakra, maybe even the same shared chakra that was just created.

I can only describe the difference between the bond and completed space as ‘its calling me’ and completion as ‘we are’.

It seems that are ‘building’ something here between us all, though I unsure how to imagine this just yet.

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