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This Alternative Concept (its really my own soul connection progression) is due another update as its been nearly a year.. so here it is!

As this is a series it may be easier to understand how I arrived here by reading the previous parts first : 

Its hard to know where to start since its been a year… On the internet they are being termed ‘Collective’ (or Hive-Mind) though I prefer my own term the best (ofc)! I dont like the term ‘Hive’ it brings the idea they are drones or something which isnt the case. ‘Collective’ is much better, ‘Community’ also would work well also.

I have continued to work on an individual level with each of my Group to allow healing of their energies (and them) within my own space, as well as my energies and Being, that is within them.

I have also been open to anything they maybe directing at me, thoughts, feelings, wishes, energy, anything that you could say constitutes are communication or sharing. I have noticed there was a requirement for me take in and accept some types of their energy and process as part of the merge, things that were within my role within the group.

I have also been writing on my own process of course, to further try to understand just what this is, to let go of the old ‘twin flame’ concept as it has continued to seriously hamper and hold back my ability to understand and accept this.

I can now feel that the ‘bonds’ between us form a type of web, I have also noticed that our ‘collective’ when in this state seems to be rooted in the heart centre, the Collective as a whole I was given as being called ‘Sacred Heart’ in previous parts.

I am unaware if I mentioned this previously, though I had an experience of my heart being opened (again, how many times can something open? :P) and I saw my truth inside, that I had not one love within, but many.

This was another confirmation that I was dealing with more than one person. It was a lovely thing to witness, yet also disconcerting. I felt mixed feelings not all where pleasant, it was like I had realised I was something not generally accepted and that brought a touch of fear.

I have since noticed these other types of soul connections being mentioned online so I decided to write and make videos on this to help break the cage of the ‘Twin Flame’ and bring the NEW (to earth) types of soul connection states from the perspective of someone going through it.

I have received an answer (finally) as to why I feel more closely connected (and feeling) to two in particular, they seem to be directly wired into me… oddly.. just like in the article image!

I feel them either side and our shoulders (in energy ofc) seem to merge together and in this merging our energy field is one. When completed (only fully completed with the one on my left so far) there is the self-recognition of the same Being along with the collective ‘We’.

There is still some work to be finished, though I do not think 100% completion is required.. just enough to manage what is to come comfortably

We are forming a type of ‘Council’ as it was put to me when I received my download of the plan.. that was 24 years ago now.. so I cant say there was no pre-warning! Though Oddly I only just realised this is what is happening yesterday! My ‘soul family’ as I have been calling them, is the ‘Council’ of my download!

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