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If you would like to submit a question for Twin Flames FAQ you can do that via Conscious Bites FAQ.

Is it healthy to just go solely off faith in the twin flame connection? Is there any moment where you question the connection with logic?

Soley of faith? No.

Logic? That wont help unless you have already developed your logic into a suitable state that will allow for such things.

So what is best: Discernment.

Discernment is the key balance between blind faith (acceptance of anything) and out right denial (resistance).

With discernment you can observe and come to a better understanding of whatever you are presented with. From that you can learn better ways, better perspectives, better understanding… and a lot about yourself to boot! It will enable you so do your Inner Work on how this things triggers you, what it brings to mind, and enable you to find better Inner ways also.

Why doesn’t the twin flame connection and love feel real?

Because it does not exist on the physical human level of experience.

Humans, people are not what is connected here. It exists on a soul level, consciousness and energy hence it is often is subtle and hard to feel at all, let alone the fact if its real or a mirage! Hence if feels not real.

Love on that level, isnt like emotional love, it feels different, its more a of a state of existence, state of being, part of our Being itself, the part that is the ‘US’ Shared state, were we blend and are together.

It can take time to clear the way for this to be felt and understood more fully. This is why self healing and work is SO important and really needs to be done on both sides.

Ok I must be saying something VERY right here as since I started typing this reply I can sense my own TF, so this must be going out to him also, must have the same question. (This is for you too J!).

What does it mean to wake up thinking that I had a dream of my twin flame but can’t remember the dream?

Yes! I have had this a few times, I wake up ‘knowing’ I have just been with him, yet I remember nothing. I am good at remembering dreams, unless I have alot then the early ones get hazy.. though this isnt that!

I can still feel him, like he only just left and his physical presence is still fading. Every part of me feels I was with him at some point of the night and those arts are on a state of ‘OMG I was with him’. There is no doubts, just a blank memory.

I dont think these are dreams at all (not in my case especially) not even astral.. those I remember, this is something else, maybe something higher.

Is a catalyst twin flame connection one sided?

Firstly, there is NO such thing as a ‘catalyst twin flame’. They do not exist.

A ‘catalyst’ and a ‘twin flame’ are two different things. A catalyst is another independent soul being who triggers some type of realisation of awaking in yourself and most often will come before a twin flame, thus, people who dont know the difference general misunderstand the catalyst as the twin flame. Reading online is NOT enough to understand the difference. They are both spiritual experiences, not 3D mental concept you can just mentally tick off.

The twin flame is the one whom you are the same soul being with. This is a vastly different experience to the catalyst and is more than the one trick pony a catalyst is.

A catalyst is their to learn, growth FROM.. a twin flame is one you grow WITH. Not next to each other, but literally INTO each other. The difference takes experience to tell apart, not knowledge.

How do you continue ascension if your twin flame is with somebody else?

You dont need to be with a TF to continue your ascension, this is the misunderstanding that a TF = physical relationship. It isnt! I dont know why people dont do their research and LEARN what TF actually are, if they did they would realise this type of basic information.

How often is your twin flame on your mind?

Constantly, though not in a needy, painful ‘I need you’ type way. It doesnt come from emotional pain or missing them so I would use thinking about them to make myself feel better.

For me they are with me daily, it is how I share ‘my life’ with them without them being there. If I am doing something, they are right there with me, watching me do it. I might talk to them about it. Its about sharing my space, my life, living it ‘with’ them.

Just wondering if anyone else feels like the twin flame label doesn’t always fit or resonate, but you have no other explanation (and also experience similarities that many others describe)?

Hey, yes absolutely! I used the TF generic concept for many years before I realised my same soul connection was beyond this. It all matched except a few key pieces. NEVER limit yourself to a concept!

The TF concept is pretty limited in the information it gives. It doesnt ‘allow’ for the various dynamics that can be at play in someones Journey. Although the general idea of ‘stages’ (best taking in a non-linear fashion) can cover most same-soul connections there is MUCH that is left out.

I recommend looking at the generic TF concept as ‘1 type’ of same-soul connection. Often this is known as a ‘split soul’ (even though its not actually split), it is one soul and two people/incarnations.

There is also Monadic Twins, another type of same soul connection which is 2 souls and 2 people, which is where the soul (monad) divided into two souls rather then staying as one, thus each then took up 1 incarnation.

Another one is what I call a Collective Connection where the soul (monad) divided into more than two souls and each of those souls can have one incarnation. Or each soul can then choose to have a Split Soul experience by dividing into 2 incarnations (as Collective). OR (as they are all the same being) two of those Collective Souls can chose to have a Monadic Twin Experience (as a Collective). (more on my space about Collectives).

I would also recommend looking up ‘Alchemical soul mates’ this is where you can merge ONLY your energy field with another being (thus making you sense you and them in each other and easily confused with same soul also). Though this only comes from multiple higher dimension lifetimes together.

What are some positive affirmations that you say to yourself when you feel negative energy during your twin flame journey?

I dont try to bring in positive when I sense negative, that will just add more confusion and opposites creating conflict as the ‘negative’ remains. Just get stuck into it directly, find out what is causing that ‘negative’ energy and deal with it in whichever way is best, release it, heal it, whatever it needs. Negative energy is something to be healed, not denied and white-washed over with positivity.

Can one twin flame have a spiritual awakening while the other has it later on?

Indeed they can.

Each ‘twin’ has their own personal time schedule that they go through for their own, individual process. This process is to get them ready for the joint work on the TF connection itself, hence there is often a long separation. It is so each one go go through this without being distracted by the other.

How can you tell the difference between a karmic twin flame and a real twin flame?

The biggest difference is that there is NO such thing as a karmic Twin Flame, there is however a True Twin Flame.

‘Karmic’ is simply a term given to someone we have a toxic relationship with or simply an obsession. Most of these are not connections of any sort, though people seem to like to subscribe special non-existing meaning to them to make them seem special or to give a reason/excuse to carry on with. Such terms are ‘false twin flame’, ‘karmic twin flame’ and ‘near twin’. non of which actual exist.

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