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An Introduction to Your Energy Body

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You could even say that your vessel IS your grounded Consciousness. In this sense, your awareness is initially restricted to the reality dictated by the undertone of your Consciousness and base set of frequencies. Depending on where you are, these sub levels can be invisible (as they are to most here) or the can be as ‘visible’ as anything else that has taken form around you.

As you expand and grow your awareness you begin to access these higher sub levels of your set. Here is where you find the ‘energetic vessel components’ that we know as chakras, energy channels and energy field (aka aura).

Energy Body Chakras

It is also worth noting that there are many smaller chakras in the body and these systems are referring to the ‘main’ chakras, rather like major junctions.

There are many ‘systems’ floating around the internet so here is a quick run down of the most basic.

7 Chakra system is the most basic and rudimentary system that has been around a long time. Most people start here, as they progress will find their chakras are different then this system or change as they grow and this will become obsolete as they move on.

For many, it was obsolete the day they were born, its that old! However for starting purposes, it is a good ‘foundation’ learn with until you learn your own landscape.

12 Chakra System – seem to be the ‘next level up’ and most likely what people are ‘starting’ with these day. Though online systems they vary in where they say these chakra are located. Some say they are ain the body, some say they carry on above the head. Many cannot agree to a colour.

21 Chakra System – This appears to be the next general stage, again different place for different chakra, different names and colours.

Energy Body Channels

These are pretty easier to understand, they are the equivalent to your veins that your blood runs through. They carry energy around your vessel, connecting everything together as an interconnected system. Where these channels are in your vessel again can vary though there are several older systems that have been noted, again, these are not necessarily going to mirror your whole landscape. These can involve minor junctions and points called meridians and more major ones.

This also includes the central and two side channels that you can learn about when dealing with kundalini. I will not cover those basics here as there are plenty around the internet already.

Energy field aka Aura

Your energy field is simply your entire vessel that extends beyond the ‘skin’ of your body that surrounds you. This is also where your awareness spreads out into and you discover more of your Experience beyond the ‘physical’ grounding.

I do not wish to go overly far into information, it it best that you discover the rest for yourself.


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