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Same-Soul Connection Dynamics

Seen as ‘hurdles’ or ‘challenges’ (I have often called them this), Same-Soul Connection Dynamics often come with certain qualities that can differ connection to connection, having only one or many of these in play.

They are often called ‘challenges’ due to that fact they appear to us as ‘issues’ or ‘blocks’ that need to be overcome as they seem to ‘be in the way’ of those involved.

However, the truth is they are NOT in our way at all. Hence I prefer to call them ‘dynamics’.

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All same-soul connections – Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Twin Rays, Collectives, Multi-Flames, Monadic, Original Soul Families, Hiveminds – are in fact many names for what is actually the SAME thing. One Being that is experiencing itself in a states of many. What makes these appear to be different ‘types’ is in fact just the dynamics and qualities brought about by the many possibilities this state can bring about.

There are two aspects here and its important to realise that one doesnt have to follow the other. You can love without having a corresponding situation in life:

  1. Love (the emotional energy state)
  2. The manifestation of that connection, what will be see as the ‘relationship’ in our lives (communication, interaction, situation)

So firstly, love.

These only appear to be in our way, that seems like reasons why we can not love this other, or even why our love is ‘sinful’ or ‘wrong’. In truth all they do is to simply trigger to further clear our misaligned and limiting programming, beliefs and also leading us to learning that LOVE doesn’t care about such things. That there is NO reason or excuse of why we shouldn’t genuinely be fall in love with anyone else. Only the mind, society, rules and ‘man-made’ laws care about such things.

Love doesn’t care, it just IS and it just DOES. It is not something we choose… we can choose to ignore it, reject it, we can choose to accept it.. but none of them change the fact it REMAINS regardless of our choice. If our choice made this ‘love’ disappear or appear then it wasn’t love.. it was a mental decision alone.

Getting into the actual dynamics themselves, this is where the manifestation of that connection aspect comes in.

These beliefs creates a ‘safe zone’, staying in our own lane, a society belief of keeping ‘like-to-like’ and all in order of what is considered ‘matched’ and ‘keeping boundaries’. ALL mental decisions, choices of what ‘would work best’ or ‘what would be easiest’ or ‘what would others prefer’.

(Before I start bear in mind that these are NOT signs of a same soul connection! These can happen in any type of human relationship also. These can also be qualities in ‘Catalyst’ agreements with others – non soul connections who help us to clear these limitations BEFORE the same-soul comes along into our lives.)

Here are some well known ‘dynamics’ that are already doing the rounds on the internet so I will address those first.


A very typical dynamic and well documented is anything up to 20, 30 even 40 years difference between those involved in this connection. This dynamic triggers our (and others) sense of ‘wouldn’t you prefer someone your own age?’ ‘Would I have more in common with someone my own age?’ ‘Would we understand each other?’ ‘Would others accept us?’ (Do you want another’s permission on who you love as you certainly dont need it!) ‘Would they accept me?’ – This is the big one! ‘I am too old, young, matured, immature, experienced, having gotten far in life, too far in life……’

In my experience of this – my first catalyst was 10 years older than me.. this was a stretch for me.. My limit that had me grimacing on just how I felt about loving and seeing myself with a man this much older than me.

My second catalyst was only 3 month older than me.

My current same-soul connection with the greatest range is 16 years younger than me.

Each one older and younger pushed my boundaries in both directions. Yes I had learn to accept loving, seeing myself with anyone who was 10 years older than me… Though how would I feel if I was in fact older than them? It may seem like an easy flip, though it certainly isnt. It took me through all the thoughts and fears associated with being at either end of this dynamic.

Now, thanks to my catalyst, I understand how my current younger connections must think and feel when they look at me.


Culture, social rules, expectations, obligations… Man-made laws of what we will tolerate, accept, reject, deny, hate.

Who we can love, who we can marry, who EVERYONE else wants us to conform to, to be like, to live up to THEIR expectations and THEIR beliefs.

The oppression and peer pressure of culture is a real thing, yet when broken down from the perception of a ‘culture (mass of people)’ to the more realistic perception of ‘my family’ its easy to realise that the pressure is not as much as we thought. As in truth, most will never know what goes in on your life, why would they even need to be made aware of it, it isn’t any of their business after all, hell most won’t care. If you are dealing with lash-back from telling others.. do not question their rejection of your situation but WHY your even tell them to start with. Do they need to know? Are they an important part of your life? Are you looking for assurance, acceptance? If so why?

Your family is where any, if at all, distortion will come from. Either direct from them or indirect via yourself.

This all comes down to your own identity. How do you see yourself? Are you your culture? Are you your family? Are you an individual who see this culture as an expansion of yourself? If so, is this expansion still assisting you AS an expansion, or it is actually limiting? How? Its time to choose what is important to you.

My Experience with this – I have no real culture or family dynamic here on my side. I am from the UK and my family is pretty good and would be open to any person I may end up introducing them to.

However my current connections have a dynamic of ‘social pedastal’ (see further down) that creates a unique ‘situation’ where many of these dynamics will come into play… my older age and the fact I am from a far off country and different culture may mean many would not approve of us (me) through a type of ‘cultural ownership’.


Commonly coming hand in hand with culture, distance is another well documented dynamic with a defined specific influence on those involved which affects their experience at a fundamental level up until they finally do come together to stay together.

Whilst many seem to ‘meet face to face without any prior knowledge’ (I have my doubts on this personally but that is another matter), for many the stage of finally being face to face is something that happens MUCH later on in their process, years later.

When at distance most work comes across on the energetic levels, dreams, ‘knowings’, feeling that something is perceived as missing, a ‘gap’ or a feeling of missing a loved one which is then delved into in the manner of inner work and self-exploration.

This is where catalysts will most definitely come into play, though even then, there is nothing to stop a catalyst from having this very dynamic as well. A way of teaching how the process with the same soul connection will play out whilst allowing the person to learn how to sense and interact on this level, to trust from a working understanding to get them through what is to come.

This teaches that you don’t need to be physically with, close or even have met the other first. Much of the inner work, growth, healing can be done from distance.. further proving this is a SOUL connection.. not a human connection. Reinforcing this awareness and trust in the connection and the levels it operates and exists upon.

My experience of this – I knew I had a ‘man I love and hadn’t met’ in this life for a good decade before I even came across spirituality and metaphysics, let alone ‘twin flames’ and the like. He was my husband before I came into this life for ‘work’ and he would be afterwards.

I had the ‘crushing black hole’ in my chest, dreams of running through crowds shouting ‘where are you’ for years until I finally started to find that person who would make me lucid immediately and any nasties in the dream fade away. I had knowing and downloads via my imagination of my soul connections and process, only finding decades later it was all actually true and going to happen then.. happening.

Astral, dreams, sensing their presence, sharing – this was how I was triggered into growth by catalyst and same-soul connection alike. I was taught of the actual connection itself.


This dynamic is nowadays pretty well documented in human and soul connections. The right of love incorporating all dynamics of gender and sex has its own worldwide movement now.

The lesson here is that there does not NEED to be a male/female, or masculine/feminine… the duality of opposites or compliments. We are moving past that, are already beyond that and these now common human connections (relationships) are prove that is it grounded and here to stay.

My Experience with this – … hmm none! ( see Non-Duality below)


This pretty much falls into a similar bracket of ‘Culture’. Culture is like the human level of religion, only difference is there is some non-human entity at the top of the ladder that we ‘answer to’.

Again, it comes down to identity and whether ‘following’ this religion/belief system is helping us to expand or constantly telling us we are ‘doing wrong’ when we are only trying to be true to ourselves and our experiences (ie limiting us).

My Experience with this – I have never been part of a religion and the only beliefs that came in my way was the ones I already held that I had come across in my life. After I came across spirituality, the generic spiritual society belief system became my dynamic that I had to move past. Even what is generally accepted as a ‘given’ in spirituality started to hold me back and thus had to be removed via inner work.

The following are often seen as ‘illusions’ or ‘misunderstanding’.. though they are indeed ‘dynamics’ of a connection. The fact that so many ‘open-minded spiritual people’ even so called ‘awakened twin flames’ themselves dont accept them shows they are very much needed to break these mental limitations that are placed on us which serve as forced denials on these newer dynamics.

Society Pedestals (Celebrity & Non-Celebrity connection)

Society has long had this ‘special level’ for those held above the general populace, almost revered as near demi-gods, untouchable, at distance, impossible…. aka ‘the well known celebrity’.

Many do not even see them as humans but something aside from the population, something seemingly akin to spirits and otherworldy beings *laughs*.

The idea that ANY of these demi-gods could be ANYONES same soul connection, even in a spiritual community is often met with laughter, ridicule and judgements of being obsessive, delusional, dreaming.

I agree… a percentage WILL be obsessive and delusional and using this as an excuse and reason for their fixations.

A greater percentage will be simply innocently and naively (or ignorantly) not really fully understanding what a soul connection REALLY is and in that ignorance, totally taking things out of context adding 1+1 = 6 type situation. The majority will be reading inaccurate and misleading information online that they dont truely understand giving out by people who are in the same misunderstanding and ignorance.

For the ‘Well Known’ there is the lesson that of their own will vs what their fans what them to be. What their fans ‘will accept from their figure’ vs what the figure ‘will accept from the fans’. How far are they will compromise themselves for how the rest of the world will see them and to keep their fans happy.

This is also a lesson for the fans.. for the Well Known to show them they do NOT own or have any right to make decisions or demand anything to suit their own wants and desires. They do not own them, possess them and the Well Known does NOT need to adhere to keep the fans ideal perceptions of them that they hold onto.

My Experience of this – My catalyst and current connections are all Well Known figures. This dynamic has been a long term process to work through, especially with the perceived differences between my life and theirs. My history of anxiety and phobia and contrasting jet set life around the world whilst in the eye of millions *shivers*. It really made me look at myself and to picture myself in his life, how our lives would merge and what that would create for my experience of myself.

From that, I was able to slowly expand myself to feel comfortable with the dynamic and acceptance of the other as just another career option. To un-merge the person from the career that created this otherworldly illusion. Thankfully, I was never into celebrity or placing people on pedestals so this was less of a problem for me, instead it was to free myself of other judgements that I found tricky.

Multi-Flame Collective connection

The generic same soul template is the ‘Twin Flame’ concept. One soul ‘split’ into two people… Many people hold onto this concept as if their life depends on it and are unwilling to entertain the fact that there is MORE then the generic Twin Flame concept that can be experienced (that DOESNT include ‘soul mates’).

However not all same soul connection are limited to two people! Or even 1 soul.

This is simply another dynamic! You can have multiple people in this dynamic. How? Because to think a soul/Being is ‘limited’ to ONLY being or having two incarnations at once comes from a limited mental space. (this does NOT include other timelines, lives etc)

Soul, Being is NOT limited and this is one of the many possibilities. Still all the same soul being, the only main difference with the generic concept is that there is more than two people involved. (Not including the fact that of it being ‘split’ is perception ONLY)

Non Duality (No DM/DF polarisation)

Moving on from the Duality of Masc/Fem and DM/DF…… the newer dynamic that is here now is one of non-duality.

Though DM and DF can play a part early in the process these soon come together yet it becomes clear that it is a small part of process. Following on from this is the Non-Dual state of being. Where one is self-seen as being the result of the DM/DF union.

Rather than being the DF or DM that unified and made a third energy. You ARE that third energy and your process continues. The DF/DM then become aspects WITHIN and of/from yourself, rather then you coming from/of DF or DM. You are now the ‘higher self’ of the DM/DF.

My Experience in this – My first inkling to this was when I first asked to meet my Higher Self in a dream one night. I did in fact meet both my Higher Selves (a good indicator of Monadic, or twin souls also). These two were embodied and merged within me during the process thus I became their unified, third energy, non duality higher self. Yet I still have another HS to ascend and progress up to still.

These are the ones I have read experiences about and ones I have experienced myself, at least up to now!

If I experience any more I will add them as I do.

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