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On this website it mentions:

Incarnating with both Twins in one body: (Realization). You incarnate as both Twins in the same body. (Those who feel that their Twin Flame is on the other side and not incarnated, may actually be experiencing this challenge. Some may still be searching for their Twin, also unaware they are both.)  This is usually your last lifetime here, with a strong desire to return to Source.

It is incredibly nice to see this else where. I always suspected this but I never ‘realised’ it until yesterday. I knew something wasn’t fitting the usual concept of what is what though this is a perfect example.

It also explains how I knew about the whole Twin Flame process to start with, from that previous life where the merge happened. This time I already have both within. Due to this I can let go of feeling torn between which of my connections are the TF and which are more soul mates.

It also explains my heart desire for.. something I can only describe as ‘desire to re join’.

With that I would say that in this life, it has so far been something a little like this:

  • Starting of with 2 x Higher selves. Him and Her.  I was introduced to Him first  when I met them. She hovered behind Him.
  • Him (Higher Self) come down and hovered around me a few months/years moping around me as I was unaware.
  • I became aware of him and I felt the feeling of abandonment, loneliness from Him. Started the questioning then healing and integration. (Higher Self embodiment)
  • Several Ego deaths, whittling away leading to Self Realisation.
  • Realising I was already both (as both are my higher selves which seems silly to not realise before now). This explains why I have matched both sides of the Fem and Masc readings, basically I have had double the work to do!

Having two higher selves (that are the same Dual Aspect Being) makes it harder. I would guess this is about the Him and Her re-joining as the Higher Selves, back into that One Unified Dual Aspect Being, via one Human body. Pouring the now mixed contents of two cups (HS) back into one cup, so to speak. Thus re-joining the contents back into One.

My memories of everything that happened up to now, had them separate, then meeting and having their energy fields merge. So as Higher Selves, they were already merged. Hence I know what ‘being merged’ feels like.

Really, its all about changing to become that ‘US’ state. Consciousness, Heart and Energy. Then I believe the final state will be that of ‘Living Consciousness’ (so I am told).

I have not FULLY ruled out the possibility of another body that ‘US’ is also experiencing, though still, there is no physical signs of it.

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