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If thinking and focusing on your twin flame pushes them away, then how can you achieve reunion if it’s impossible to stop thinking of them? Even if you do stop thinking of them, the universe bombards you with reminders. It’s ironic!

Thinking and focusing on your Twin does NOT push them away.. that is one of the many bypassing techniques going around. The universe bombards you as your NOT meant to stop thinking or keeping them in your awareness. To do so is simply ‘blocking’ them out.. which isnt what your meant to be doing!

It is ok to think of them, it is HOW you are thinking and focusing on them along with your intent that makes the difference.

It should not be needy, or painful, or obsessive. In other words if it comes from an unhealthy attachment or wounds THEN it will push them away. How to know if it comes from one of these.. there will be a sense of urgency, pain, fret, frustration, needing it or else you will be in pain or die. If you have these, you need to do your inner work, shadow work

What could it mean when the energy I get from my twin flame in the heart chakra is like a pressure? I can differentiate several of his emotions but this one is new to me.

Energetic pressure is a common energetic symptom that has been around for decades, it isnt anything ‘new’ as mentioned in other comments.

Neither is it Twin Flame related. Anyone on a spiritual awakening will have these in all chakras at some point, usually quite often for years. It is simply a sensation due to the state of the system (energetic) and its YOURS, not your twins.

Most people seem to assume that everything they feel is their Twins. This is because the Twin Flame concept doesnt account for the individual full awakening and only mentions the ‘twin flame’ side of it. I suggest you read spiritual awakening posts and NOT just twin flame information.

The pressure comes from a chakra (or other energetic system aspect) that has a deep block inside thus energy is ‘backing up’ causing pressure in the area. This will only be felt whilst this energy is trying to make its way through. What you need to do is find the blockage, then find the cause of it. First you remove the blockage of energy then you need to find the cause of that blockage, otherwise it will only re block itself.. Think of it like throwing carrot peelings down the drain and they cause a blockage. You can remove the block but unless you stop throwing the peels down your drain, they are gonna just block up again. You need to heal the process that cause the issues, not just the issues themselves.

I’m not excited anymore about my twin flame journey. I’m tired and can’t get out of this. I’m only getting triggers and pain 24/7. What should I do?

You do what you are supposed to be doing. 24/7 triggers and pain is NOT the journey, its your unhealed chaotic human condition. Your meant to be healing, build self-awareness and do your inner and shadow work that removes those things.

This is why the process is needed, you cant be in alignment with the connection if your not on the same ascended level as the connection. When you arent you get disharmony, which is exactly what you are feeling now.

What makes a twin flame different to a narcissist? There are so many similarities.

There are only so many similarities if you do not actually know what a Twin Flame is. Then you would see the differences are stark and obvious. You can only mistake one for the other if you:

  1. Have never experienced an actual TF connection (ie he isnt)
  2. You have no idea what a TF connection and process actually is (you only go off a horrid concept)

I suggest you stay away form the concept, away from the person and focus on your own part of the spiritual awakening. If that ‘spiritual awakening’ isnt there, it isnt a TF. If it is, then he maybe just a catalyst.. or just a plain old bad person.

Should bother twin flames go through the DNOS?

Yes, they should, or they are not twin flames and they are not going through a spiritual awakening.

Twin Flames ONLY exist within a spiritual awakening, it is a path OF spiritual awakening. Therefore in order to be twin flames BOTH must start to awaken and ascend, a process that can take decades.

Part of this is a DNOS, it is the breaking down of the old, ALL the old. You cant ascend without this breaking down no more than a caterpillar can transform into a butterfly and ‘keep’ its caterpillar state.

Why do I feel like I need my twin flame? This feeling suffocates me. I have my life, family friends, and money. I’m fine with myself, but I always feel something is missing.

Many people will mistake this for ‘I am not good enough’ when they do not have a more in depth understanding of the TF experience. When with twin flames is has NOTHING to do with your human aspect at all.

If you are a twin flames this feeling is all about ENERGY. There is a HUGE difference between mental attachment and Twin Flame energetic sense of your state of energy/being.

With enough self and spiritual awareness you can tell the difference between mental attachment and twin flame energetic awareness. I have an article here about this you might like to read.

Is it worth it to buy a course if someone’s free videos helped me?

You dont need ANY course or video really, they are tools to help but they are not a requirement. NEVER make anyone with a sale to make make you think you need to buy anything from them. Whether its about twin flames or past lives. If you NEED to know for your process, you will be made aware via yourself through visions, dreams, astral or alternated sate of consciousness. These will just HAPPEN, you don’t need to do anything, however they will only happen if you do your work and progress to the point where are are ready to receive them.

If you are a Twin Flame you have everything you need already and that is YOU.

If you are willing to DO THE WORK (which I am afraid does NOT include watching videos and doing courses) you will come across everything you need to know and learn what you need through yourself.

Do all twin flames end up becoming vegans?

No.. this is a spiritual idealistic trend, nothing more. Its the ‘idea’ of what a spiritual person should do/be.

Eat as it best for your body, not what the mind/spiritual ego think is best.

Drink milk and you get stomach ache = dont drink it.

Try vegetarian and feel weak = dont do it

Eat meat and feel better = eat meat

Its what is best for the body, not the spiritual ego.

What if someone said that your conditions doesn’t matter compares to the lives of animal that’s being slaughtered?

Other peoples spiritual egos and bleeding hearts are not your concern. This is where your healthy boundaries should lay. They do not really ‘see’ your conditions, its not real to them it is just a mental concept as they are not having to LIVE it like you are. All they see is how you are not living up to their ideals and that conflict lives there in them. Let them deal with that conflict as it only lives in themselves, it is their issue not yours. You deal with you.

If you do want to do all you can, you can always make sure your sources are organic, ethically and humanely treated during their lives and deaths. Granted this is easier done in countries like the UK where their are laws for such things.

Or try to find alternatives (ie making sure you dont just stop eating meat but find alternatives sources for what you are lacking by not eating the meat.) If you are still weak then, well you have no choice really. To make yourself suffer for the sake of not eating meat.. is against the whole point of self-responsible and looking after yourself. Unless you are actively going out and killing an animal yourself, that meat is already on the shelf whether its you that eats it or someone else. At this point its down to personal situation and circumstance. If YOU are ok with it.

At the end of the day, animals being slaughtered to feed another animal is the basics of survival on earth, ‘animals’ do it everyday whether those animals are human or otherwise. It is part of the 3D world and cycle of nature, you can’t stop it.

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