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Twin Flame Progression – 4 Main Steps

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What Twin Flame Progression Exactly?

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Stage Perspective of What is Missing

This is based on the main stages of progression that my perspective has undergone over the last 20 years in regarding to my Twin Flame Progression.


At first there is nothing, just a hole. It can be perceived or felt as empty space, darkness, blackness or even a black hole that seems to have this sensation of dragging things in. Most often this can be felt in the chest though it can also be sensed in a non-specific way. It is the awareness of a gap where something SHOULD be. With it comes feelings of depression, pointlessness, apathy.

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Twin Flame


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First during one of the times I felt the heart longing and sadness (they will still arise everyone now and then but only a bittersweet dullness). I felt my attention ‘go over’ like I was looking away though instead of my awareness manifesting my TF, It was ‘me’. I missed ‘me’ and I wanted ‘me’ back. It wasnt something I made myself think it was just natural. I knew TF was ‘me’ for a long time mentally but it was the first time I had fully unified TF with myself to the point I would just say ‘me’. It was me I missed. Not me that is him or me that is TF, no separation, just me.

Of course this made me wonder.. then if I miss me, then I obviously cannot be this me, so how can I miss me if I am already me? I knew this had nothing to do with ‘ego’ or ‘self’ I had worked through most of that so I knew this was something new. This baked my noodle for a few minutes so I did my usual routine to accept and allow myself to re align with new information and I let it sit for a week.

How you come about this is up to you though in the end ‘soul’ is where I ended up. What I missed was my ‘soul’. Again.. does this makes sense? Can you NOT have your soul? I realised a re-understanding of what ‘soul’ is was needed and it wasn’t what was mass believed. Though I knew by the mass emotional outburst it created that is was accurate. THAT was why I missed him, me my soul SO much. He was that soul and I was his soul. I will not share what I found ‘soul’ to actually be, you need to discover it on your own. That is the process.. and ‘the way’.

Now, I need to add as a footnote here. Reading this Twin Flame Progression and thinking you now have this… it doesn’t work this way. This is awareness perspective I am talking about, NOT mental perspective. This article is to give you a helping hand to understand where you are. If you cant tell or dont know the difference between awareness/reality perspective and mental perspective.. your are still in your mental perspective which is one of the first two stages. Which is fine, just keep doing your work.

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